Kicked Out - NBR Investigates

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Episode 21/1x021
Kicked Out - NBR Investigates

No wonder nobody picked Nikki up... she misspelled "Jonas's"!!

Blogger Nikki
Date Posted July 7th, 2007
Length 4:01
Description Yep you guessed it...
Location(s) Los Angeles
YouTube Tags nikkibowerreport nikki lonelygirl15 danielbeast jonastko carl Hymn of One chocolate
Production Credits
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Amanda Goodfried
Camera Amanda Goodfried
Vidplay Amanda Goodfried
Story Amanda Goodfried and Alli Danziger
Editor(s) Amanda Goodfried
Nikki Alli Danziger
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Kicked Out - NBR Investigates is the twenty-first video in the lonelygirl15 mini-series Nikki Bower Report.


Nikki: Hey, guys, it's me -- Nikki B! Well, you probably guessed it. I got kicked out of the Hymn of One. Everything was going really great for me there! I was at the top of my flute class. And my teacher even gave me praise because I taught everyone how to play "Another One Bites The Dust" on the flute! But then last week, things went terribly awry. I was interrogated by the Hymn of One. If you thought Jonas's interrogation was bad, peh, nothing compared to what I went through. So what did I do, you ask? One word -- chocolate. Chocolate is contraband in the Hymn of One. Completely forbidden. How'd I get it in there? Carl... mmhmm. Carl likes chocolate too, shh. I won't get him in trouble. After my interrogation, after singing "The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music" over and over and over again, they finally sent me hitchin'. Took away my white polo shirt and khakis and left me my with my normal, layman's clothes. The Hymn of One is NOT fun.

(Cuts to scenes of Nikki hitchhiking as she whistles the theme song to The Andy Griffith Show. She holds up signs that say "Hershey, PA or BUST" and "Jonas' Yacht Club")

Nikki: All is not lost. I did learn some very important things about the Hymn. First of all, every day at 4, we have high tea. But for some reason, there's only one flavor of tea -- Orange Blossom. Monday's always lasagna night. Fridays is "movies under the stars." We saw The Sixth Sense and Signs. The Hymn really likes M. Night Shyamalan. Shyama-lama-ding-dong. We sleep with our windows opened every night. That's, you know, to purge ourselves of the bad, but at the same time to be able to take in the good. One kinda cool thing they have there is a Grand Prix race track and laser tag. That's so we can work on our hand-eye coordination. (Nikki drops her bag.) Dropped my bag... heh. I wanted to do some investigating. So I went and snooped around, and I found an old storage shed. I looked around and I snuck inside. And inside there were boxes of first edition Nancy Drew books. Pfft! What would Nancy Drew think about that? Quite a conundrum! So while my infiltration of the Hymn of One wasn't a complete success, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. That's right. And this week, me getting kicked out happens to go hand-in-hand with the kids needing my help! Yeah! BDJ...STS... BDJSTS... seemed to need my help. So, I'm not a science expert... I can't really decode codes, I don't know much about the water, marine biology... I can't swim! Um, but I'm definitely here for you guys for moral support. So, I guess I won't be any help to you guys as far as documents go, since they're floating away, or have sunk (good one Sarah). But, I may be able to help you get Spencer's attention! (Rapping) Hey Spencer, it's me! It's me, Nikki B! Listen what I say. Help the kids out today. (Say what?) Help the kids out today! (Say what?) Help the kids out today! (Everyone!) Help the kids out today! (Everyone!)


  • Nikki's comment about orange blossom adds more evidence to the suspected connection between Orange and the Order.
  • Nikki appears to be walking around a park in Westwood, CA.
  • It seems odd that the Order would be against chocolate, especially since Bree previously made chocolate chip cookies in Bree The Cookie Monster.
  • Shortly after this video was posted, Spencer made an appearance on the in-character section of the forums. It seems as though Nikki's amazing rap-skills finally won him over!