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<li>[[My Fatal Mistake]] {{init|Jonas}}
<li>[[My Fatal Mistake]] {{init|Jonas}}
<li>[[He's Not Talking]] {{init|Daniel}}
<li>[[He's Not Talking]] {{init|Daniel}}
<li>[[That Arrogant Jerk!]] {{init|Sarah}}

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    Mourning Bree

  1. Speak to Me! C-LA
  2. Sluttiness Prevails SocSkyblueStar.png
  3. The Unsolvable Formula LALR
  4. We Reach Out ???????
  5. My Parents Suck Too DB
  6. Nothing More, Nothing Less HoO
  7. I'm Done JTKO
  8. Back to Work LALR

    Meeting Jonas's Family

  9. Remember Them? ???????
  10. Hey Dad JTKO
  11. The Email DB
  12. Sexy Librarian ;) SIE
  13. Way of the Gun ???????
  14. A Family Affair JTKO
  15. Who's Next? ???????
  16. Drunken Yodeling DB
  17. Eternal Freaks JTKO
  18. Hot Date DB
  19. Run! SocSkyblueStar.png
  20. Home Invasion JTKO

    Protecting Emma

  21. Grand Canyon JTKO
  22. Dirty Secrets DB
  23. Gross Guy SocSkyblueStar.png
  24. Stupid B!tch! JTKO
  25. Sister to Sister SocSkyblueStar.png
  26. Revealing My Secret SIE
  27. Shadow of Death DB
  28. What Happened??? JTKO
  29. A New Hope!!! JTKO
  30. Go For It :) E07
  31. Help Us! ???????
  32. Bullsh%t DB
  33. Decision Time DB
  34. Last Train To... DB
  35. Spreading the Song JTKO
  36. Living with Girls DB
  37. Stakeout... With A Girl JTKO
  38. I Like Being Me E07
  39. Robbing the Cradle DB

    Giving Emma to LaRezisto

  40. Join Me! ???????
  41. How Could You? DB
  42. Student Film DB
  43. Finding Help JTKO
  44. No More Lies SIE
  45. Secrets Revealed MAL
  46. Watch Your Back JTKO
  47. My School Project DB
  48. My Fatal Mistake JTKO
  49. He's Not Talking DB
  50. That Arrogant Jerk! SIE
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