Living with Girls

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Episode 292/2x036
Living with Girls

You know, since you've been gone for two weeks. ...Where've you been, by the way?

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted September 18th, 2007
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Length 5:03
Description We're back in my hometown and Jonas rented a house for the three of us. This should be interesting.
Location(s) The rented house
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lonelygirl bree danielbeast daniel jonastko jonas soccerstar4ever lg15
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Jan Libby and Miles Beckett
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, and Jan Libby
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music Beight - In The Middle
Jonas Jackson Davis
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Mallory Carly Jones
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Living with Girls is the two-hundred ninety-second video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the thirty-sixth video of season two.


(Jonas is driving his car, Sarah is riding shotgun, and Daniel is sitting in the backseat.)

Jonas: This is it.

Sarah: Oh, look at that. Very good job.

Jonas: Home, sweet home.

Daniel: This is it?

(Everyone gets out of the car.)

Sarah: I think we're going to be a very happy little family.

(Camera pans to Mallory's car, which has just pulled up in the driveway. She gets out of the car.)

Daniel: (in a falsetto sing-song voice) Oooh, there's mah baybeh.

Mallory: Hello.

Daniel: Hey, what's up?

Mallory: (kisses Daniel.) Not much.

Daniel: How are you? Thanks for helping.

Mallory: Yeah. Hey guys!

Jonas: Hey, I'm Jonas.

Mallory: Oh, hi!

Jonas: Mal, right?

Mallory: Yes!

Jonas: Yeah, nice to meet you. (They shake hands.)

Mallory: Nice to meet you! And, you're Sarah? (Sarah nods.) I'm Mallory.

Sarah: (curtly) Hi.

Mallory: Hi.

Jonas: Okay, so here we go.

(Mallory giggles.)

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Jonas: You ready for this, or what?

Mallory: Yeah, let's do it.

(Camera is now perched on top of a box as the crew unpacks the car.)

Daniel: (To Jonas) C'mon, man. Hurry up. Oh wow, almost dropped the camera. That was close, alright.

Jonas: If you break that, I'm going to kill you. Not really.

(The girls walk by Daniel.)

Daniel: How you all doin'?

(Musical montage of the group unpacking the car. Mallory reaches to take some boxes from Daniel, and they all fall out of his hands.)

Daniel: Oh!

Jonas: Dude!

(Cuts to a view from inside the house. The group continues unpacking. Cuts to the kitchen. More unpacking. Sarah smacks Daniel's butt with a spatula. Daniel looks up, shocked.)

Daniel: What are you doing?

Sarah: Nothing. I just, you know... I was just thinking, is it usable? I mean, I like this brand. It's got good torque.

Jonas: You know, I thought you said you were gonna help me.

Mallory: I'll actually help. (They walk outside.)

Jonas: Oh, thank you.

Mallory: Yeah.

(Daniel gives Sarah a look and then walks off as well.)

Sarah: I was just... playing around.

(Cuts to Sarah giving a tour of the house.)

Sarah: So, I'm going to show you my room. That's not my room. But this is! Ta-da! It'll look better when I have time to, you know, unpack and hang things up and stuff. Anyway, this is the bathroom, to which I share with two boys. Yay. And uh, wow. Um, this? (Holds up a "Neutrogena Deep Clean" shower gel.) This is... not mine. Huh. And there's that basket... I wonder. (Jonas walks by.) Hey, Jonas?

Jonas: Yeah, what up?

Sarah: Is there um, something you want to tell me? (She waves the gel in front of his face.)

Jonas: Um, yeah. My curls are just out of control in the morning. So...

Sarah: No, seriously, who does this belong to?

Jonas: (Smiles) Talk to Daniel.

Sarah: What, why are you smiling? Don't smile! What.. why? Why is he smiling?

(Cuts to Sarah taking Daniel into the bathroom.)

Daniel: Alright, what's the big deal?

Sarah: Well, go and I'll show you! (She gives him a shove.)

Daniel: Uh, don't push me, I'm going. What? What's.. what?

Sarah: What do you mean, what? Look at this, okay! We haven't even moved in yet, and she's parking her shower stuff!

Daniel: So what? I'll just-I'll talk to her.

Sarah: Do that.

Daniel: I'll talk to her.

Sarah: Do that. You know what, Daniel, she's not moving in here with us.

Daniel: Oh my-okay. But you know what, she's going to be here a lot... so...

Sarah: Fine, whatever.

Daniel: Yeah. Fine.

Sarah: Whatever.

Daniel: You know, we're not... how 'bout she just keeps everything in my room? How will that work?

Sarah: How about she just stays in your room?

Daniel: How about... Bye. (He shuts the door in her face.)

(Cuts to Daniel in the backyard, juggling.)

Daniel: The amazing Daniel, part two is j-

Mallory: You're amazing.

Daniel: Amazing!

Mallory: (Giggles) Here you go, I brought this for you! (She hands Daniel a glass of water.)

Daniel: Ooh, I broke a sweat too, nice.

(Mallory begins to sit down in the grass.)

Daniel: No, you can sit here.

Mallory: Oh, well...

Daniel: No, I'll get another chair. Don't worry. Sit down, sit down, sit down.

Mallory: Why, thank you. That's very nice of you Daniel. (Daniel brings over another chair.) So I was just saying that maybe you should seriously consider letting me do the rest of the unpacking for you, so you can focus on that film assignment.

Daniel: Uh huh.

Mallory: You know, since you've been gone for two weeks? What did you tell Mr. Banks?

Daniel: The uh, the truth, that I went to visit my cousin.

Mallory: Well, he said you really need to hit a home run on this one in order to uh, pass the class.

Daniel: It's just that I...

Mallory: It's just what? We really need to take control of your life, Daniel.

Daniel: (Stands up.) You know what? I will start right now, 'kay? (He kisses Mallory.) I'm goin' in.

Mallory: Okay.

(Cuts to the front of the house, where Jonas is getting stuff from the car. Daniel walks up to him.)

Daniel: Bro, seriously. I can't take Sarah. It's been an hour and she's driving me nuts.

Jonas: Yeah, well, that's Sarah. But listen, man, forget about that. You know what? I really like Mallory.

Daniel: Yeah man, she's cool.

Jonas: Yeah, you found a good one.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jonas: Oh, I need to ask you a favor.

Daniel: Uh huh.

Jonas: Wow, don't sound so excited.

Daniel: I'll try and contain myself.

Jonas: Listen, I'm going to go, uh, spy on Sonia and Carl tomorrow, and I could really use a wingman. Hmm? What do you say?

(Daniel doesn't respond.)

Jonas: (Nods head toward open rear door of SUV) Get that for me?

Daniel: Yeah, I got it.

Jonas: Thanks.


Juggling for World Peace!
  • Daniel's juggling is a reference to the Juggling for World Peace movement started by LGPedia head admin Zoey. (See youtube video with confirmation from Yousef Abu-Taleb.)
  • A 'wingman' is a friend who helps another friend get dates, a reference from the movie Top Gun.
  • Daniel has previously told us that he lied to Mallory about his activities, and in this video it is clear that she is unaware that Sarah and the boys are engaged in a conflict with the Order. Mallory appears only to know that Daniel is supposed to be working on a film project. It is also unclear whether she is aware of Daniel and Sarah's history.
  • The appearance of a Neutrogena product seems to indicate that they are continuing to sponsor lonelygirl15, which fans hope means a return for Neutrogena-sponsored character Spencer Gilman.
  • The gang's moving into a permanent living space indicates that they're trying to have a somewhat normal lifestyle while fighting the Order.
  • An helicopter can be heard at the end of the video.