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Finding the puzzle

On October 13th, 2007, Marla posted a video, called Fuck. Oh well. In it, she said that she had posted a journal entry by accident, and since Clara would probably never see it anyways, she would continue posting them. In her video's tags, she included two unusual ones: 338 and lex. Putting them together, we were able to come up with a tinyurl:


This URL led us to a Sudoku game with many of the Maddison Atkins characters in it:

Maddy Sudoku.jpg


The images

Each image in the puzzle represented a different character. They went as follows.

Sudo clara.jpg Clara Stokes

Sudo whiskey.jpg Whiskey

Sudo maddy.jpg Maddison Atkins

Sudo 1.jpg OpAphid

Sudo 2.jpg War Pylol

Sudo 3.jpg Rachel

Filling in the boxes

Using basic Sudoku rules, we were able to determine that Whiskey must go in either the second or third box in the top row. Each of these boxes contained a clue. Because Whiskey is a dog, and was not subscribed to any Youtubers, it was clear that he belonged in the second box. From there, we were able to continue filling in the boxes using Sudoku rules, until we ended up with a picture that looked like this:

Solved Sudoku.jpg

Solving the clues

We then looked at the red text in each box as a clue regarding the person whose name was there.

Clue: 1st tag of my first debut
Person: Whiskey
Solve: The first tag of the first video Whiskey appeared in (A little help from Whiskey): two (2)

Clue: 2nd first and last of my latest description
Person: Warpylol
Solve: The first and last letter of the description of Warpylol's latest video (Tide To Revenge Afire): o

Clue: 3rd my first's first
Person: Clara
Solve: The first letter of Clara's first name: c

Clue: 4th two of them start with it, "and that's where I end the dork-reveal."
Person: Maddison
Solve: Two movies on Maddison's Myspace list of favorite movies (where that quote appears) begin with this letter: r

Clue: 5th my repeated consonant.
Person: OpAphid
Solve: The only repeated consonant in OpAphid: p

Clue: 6th I'm subscribed to this many YouTubers
Person: Rachel
Solve: The number of people Rachel is subscribed to on YouTube (as of 10/12/07): 4


By putting all of those solves together, we were able to come up with a new Tinyurl:

Maddy Journal 3.jpg


The Text:
... She was...
phone and her sporty ponytail...
sentence. Maybe I need to be...
for the Greek Life. Anyway...
Mom, telling her how awesome...
and how awesome it's going...
opens, and how Hot is was...
Three years of school to en...
obviously handed to her Dad...
the bobbing ponytail retell...

I couldn't imagine calling them...
detail as the new student...
They wouldn't be in the house...
the phone off. Less they were...
in the middle of the night is sa...

learned that lesson. Yawn!...

  • In the margin in blue ink and a different handwriting: Maddison, I'm so sorry.

The Solution:
This is yet another journal entry by Maddison. To understand its meaning, one should read the full March 23rd, 2007 entry.

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