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The HTMLvis (a carrier pigeon) delivered a second message from Mr. Zipp. The message contained a note and two vials - one with salt and one with water.

The note


The note said:

Sowehws Hipn - Aghfil Nxblq - Lj Tbmx Ac Qwdef - 8404← Vvzcj!


This was solved by using the Vigenére Autokey<ref name=Vinegare>Vigenére Autokey</ref>. It is a tool which can encrypt or decrypt messages using the passphrase - some word that must be known by a person who wants to read encrypted message.

Passphrase for this message was NaclH2o. NaCl is the chemical formula of salt and H2O is the chemical formula of water.

The message translated to:

Foutain Town - Stormy Venue - No Post No Bills - 8404← Hurry

(thanks to Lorien)

It was solved as:

Stormy Venue - Hurricane
8404← - 4048 (8404 backwards) Broadway
Foutain Town - Kansas City (city of fountains) 

(thanks to Trainer)

It lead to the second drop in Kansas City.



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