The Hurricane

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The second pigeon message lead to the drop in Hurricane 4048 Broadway, Kansas City. The drop was found on 19th April by limadean and zakeox.

Drop Contents

Page from Dr. Seuss "Oh Say Can You Say"


Guitar Tabulatue

Page has has guitar tabulature on it.


Like in previous drop, low E = 1 (a zero on the low E string). That is the lowest note you can play on a guitar without changing the tuning.

Counting up by half step, starting with the low E, each note ends up translating to a number between 1 and 24 (E=1, F=2, Gb=3, G=4, Ab=5, A=6, ...). Each number matches up to a letter in the alphabet (1=a, 2=b, 3=c, up to 26=z).

Whole tabulature translates to:

7 15 15 4 3 8 5 3 11 6 9 12 12 20 8 5 8 15 21 19 5 

The numbers translate to:

good check fill the house 


There are some pictures on the page. At the moment it is unclear that they mean.
The head with three eyes might mean the right pair of eyes.

Mr. Zipp Card


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