Please Select Alternate Route

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Episode 20/1x020
Please Select Alternate Route

I'm too sexy for my Cap.

Blogger Mason
Date Posted February 19th, 2010
Forum forum discussion
Length 3:32
Description Two missions, three choices. You decide. (And you think AMERICAN IDOL is a tough choice...)
Location(s) A Hotel
YouTube Tags lg15 lonelygirl15 outbreak resistance bree daniel jonastko danielbeast mason crystal will order shentek hymn of one episode six eyeseeyou please select alternate route
Mason Gregory Austin McConnell
Will Lance Little
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Please Select Alternate Route is the twentieth video in the LG15: Outbreak video series.


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The Form.
  • After the video was posted, Will Uploaded a picture of the form to
  • The phone number seen on this form can be dialed. The following voice message can be heard when dialed: "Uh, vous avez le (something) de LaFleur à SHENtek Nationale. Laissez un message, s'il vous plaît. Merci. Begin speaking at the tone. When you're finished, hang up, or press 2 for more options." The French translates to "This is the (something) of LaFleur at SHENtek Nationale. Please leave a message. Thank you." (Note: The message is incredibly slurred, so determining the "something" is difficult.)
  • The name "LaFleur" is a clear reference to the TV-show "LOST", in which one of the main characters, Sawyer, adopts this name after killing the real "LaFleur" and infiltrates an enemy camp.