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This message was discovered after Clara Stokes visited Maddison's Apartment and found a 3rd vial and a new message.

IRC Chat

In chat, Clara mentioned that she dropped a vial of rice. When it was realized that there was not supposed to be a vial of rice in the briefcase, Clara was sent to go back to Maddy's apartment and look at the notes in the briefcase. After going through all the known messages, Clara found a new note:

The New Note

Hdcvkxaat, Pbtgxrp - Rwdrdapit gthipjgpci ctktg hatteh - Qadds ipg gjgtpj - 212626 - Wjggn!
Don't Run, You are safe.

Inside the vial 15 grains of rice were found.

The Solution

The pigeon brigade quickly solved the message using a rotation cipher, rotating all of the letters 11 times (15 grains of rice meant that the letters were already rotated 15 times, leaving 11 time until they were put back to the original message.)

The solved message was:

Songville, America - Chocolate restaurant never sleeps - Blood tar bureau - 212626 - Hurry!
  • Songville, America -- Nashville.
  • Chocolate restaurant never sleeps & 212626 -- Cafe Coco is a 24 hour chocolate cafe whose phone number is 321-2626. (Solved thanks to Marla).
  • Blood tar bureau -- The message was hidden under a red and black desk

This lead to Cafe Coco, Nashville, a drop retrieved by Greg Gallows.

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