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Episode 7 in the Xeniph series

Have you seen my father?

Blogger Xeniph
Date Posted February 8th, 2007
Description I want answers, and I want them now. I realized I was doing what I accused Bree of doing...self-centered sulking. So I put on my walking shoes and did some investigation. I don't have a camera except my cell phone camera, which sucks, but it's better than nothing, no? I could use some help, though...So far I've turned up nothing. Credits: So Kill Me by MiNiMaL_ARt
YouTube Tags dad search bree cassie nikki jonas cowboy xeniph cell bowling alley school elders


Xeniph Unknown
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Searching is the seventh video in the Xeniph saga.


(Sad black-and-white shot of Xeniph from previous video appears.)

White Text Over Image: Most of you will remember this...

(Quick shot of Xeniph in color, which is immediately freeze-framed and transformed to black-and-white)

White Text Over Image: After a week of feeling sorry for myself, I finally decided I answers.

(Screen fades to black)

White Text On Black Background: The most logical place to start was the scene of the crime.

(Background fades to picture of house from previous video)

White Text Over Image: Nothing.

(Still shots of girl sitting in chair)

White Text: So I decided to check out some of his old haunts...

(Shot of two people walking through a window, at a distance. Still shot of bowling alley with bright neon colols. Still shot of flower. Fades to black background.)

White Text: Finally, I turned to others.

(Screen shows a private note as it is being typed out)

Note: To: itscassie; Subject: RE: my situation; Note: Hey Cassie, it's Anada. Your recent video is ominous in light of what you have told me. Are you all right? If what you say is true, more may be at stake here than we think. As for me, don't worry. I'm sure the Elders wouldn't mind me looking for my Dad. Since they didn't tell me anything about it, it's only natural, right? I'll dig around and see what I can find out. Meanwhile, if you could ask around and see if any of your Elders know what happened to Dad... It's the best chance I can think of right now. I can't get a hold of any of the ones Dad usually works with... they seem to be migrating en masse! This does not bode well...

(Shot of laptop is shown. Enochian text appears on the screen over a variety of scenic backgrounds. The screen fades to black and more Enochian appears. The screen then shows a still shot from the video Miss Me? being played on Revver)

Blue Text Over Image: Daniel...

(Still shot of Nikki Bower from Naming Bree's Dad being played on Revver)

White Text Over Image: Nikki...

(Still shot of itscassie from Do the ceremony! being played on Revver)

Purple Text Over Image: Cassie...

(Close up shot of Xeniph)

Purple Text Over Image: Have you seen my father?

(Screen fades to black)