That's What I Get (File 9/15)

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Episode 11/2x011
That's What I Get (File 9/15)

I'll just drink while you're fighting the Order.

Blogger The Director
Date Posted November 23rd, 2008
Length 1:00
Description And this is what happened.
YouTube Tags opzerosum zero-sum zero sum linc tom russell julie summer lg15 lonelygirl15 resistance home office shadow elder
Linc Logan Rapp
Julie Unknown
Summer Unknown
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That's What I Get (File 9/15) is the eleventh video in the The Home Office video series.


(A Camera shows a ransacked building. The camera turns, and shakily follows Julie and Linc)

Julie: (Supporting Linc) Out of the way, out of the way. (Helps Linc sit down in a chair. Linc is grasping his leg in pain.) Linc, Linc, look at me. Look at me. Okay, this is going to hurt.

Linc: Just fucking do it.

Julie: (Holding what appears to be rope tied around Linc's injured leg) You ready?

Linc: Wai-Wai-Wait. Summer. (Summer hands him a beer from offscreen. Linc takes a long drink, then puts it down) Ready.

(Julie tugs on the rope and Linc doubles over in pain.)

Julie: It's okay. It's over. It's done, it's done. (Julie pulls up a chair so she is sitting across from Linc. Summer enters from Upstairs.)

Linc: So what's the word?

Summer: We've got to move. Michael just called me on the private line, we've been followed. We shouldn't have come back here!

Julie: Yeah, but what option did we have? Where are we going to go?

Linc: I know a place.

Julie: You do?

Linc: Yeah. It's clean.

Julie: Can you move?

Linc: I've dealt with worse. (Gets up and walks offscreen. Julie and Summer follow. Summer returns and grabs the camera.)