The Beginning of the End (File 1/15)

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Episode 3/2x003
The Beginning of the End (File 1/15)

They want to fight the Order. I want to drink.

Blogger Agent Penn
Date Posted November 9th, 2008
Length 2:46
Description Do we really have to keep this guy around? I don't even know why she wanted him on this.
YouTube Tags opzerosum zero-sum zero sum linc tom russell julie summer lg15 lonelygirl15 resistance home office
Summer Unknown
Julie Unknown
Michael Unknown
Linc Logan Rapp
Agent Penn Unknown
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The Beginning of the End (File 1/15) is the third video in the The Home Office video series.


(Warped footage of the Home Office logo, cut to Julie Cam)

Text: (Top Right Corner) Day 1

Summer: Are you sure this is it?

Julie: Oh yeah. This is it.

Summer: It seems like he isn't hiding. (Static)

Julie: That's sort of my boy's style.

(Michael Appears on top right corner of screen in separate window, cut to Summer Cam)

Michael: Julie, what's your status?

Julie: We're here. We're about to go in.

Michael: Okay, I'm trying to keep an eye on what's going on around you, but The Home Office has (unintelligible) until he's located.

Julie: Yeah, yeah, big brother, I get it.

Michael: Be careful. (Small screen cuts out)

Julie: Stay put. (Julie enters the house, cut to Julie Cam, she opens the laundry room door) No. (Look Around)

Linc (offscreen): Stay there.

Julie: (turns to face Linc) Linc, it's me.

Linc: Julie. What the hell are you doing here?

Julie: Hi to you too.

Linc: (sigh) Sorry. It's nice to see you. But what the hell are you doing here?

Julie: Offering you a job.

Linc: I don't want a job. (Static, cut to Summer Cam) I told you to run.

Julie: I did, then I stopped.

Linc: No, cause the Order's really going to let bygones be bygones for a year and a half.

Julie: I'm with someone new Linc. They're going on the offensive.

Linc: What? That Resistance those kids are talking about? You're going to get yourself killed.

Julie: No, it's something different. They want what you want.

Linc: (Shakes head and opens alcohol bottle) No they don't. (Takes a drink, Static, cut to Julie Cam)

Julie: One job. I'll leave you alone if you just hear me out. I insisted on getting you on for this. You don't even have to say yes.

Linc: Going on the offensive is a great way to piss people off. You don't walk away from fighting them. (Takes drink)

Julie: We're going to get a call from the Home Office in a bit. Plenty of time to grab something to eat. Or are you still on that liquid diet? (Cut to Summer Cam)

Linc: Yeah, well, (puts on shoes) I am still functional. You're buying. (Everyone walks out of the house) Whose she?

Julie: Oh, she's our computer nerd. Say Hi Summer.

Summer: Hi Summer.

Linc: Charming.

(Static. Cut to Linc in interrogation.)

Penn: You know, you can lie to us all you want, but we've recorded everything that's happened. And you know we did.

Linc: Oh no.

Penn: We're compiling the data now. It won;t be long before we see the full picture.

Linc: Well then, let me get you some popcorn and a coke.

Penn: Where is Julie, Linc?