The Power of 436

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Episode 0016
The Power of 436

This caption does not exist.

Blogger kelseygirl15
Date Posted May 24th, 2007
Description This video does not exist, therefore this description doesn't either.
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YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 comment boards shoutouts brooklynxman dejajeva IRC chat jonastko danielbeast power of 436
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The Power of 436 is the sixteenth video in the kelseygirl15 video series. It doesn't exist. Kelsey proves that the video doesn't exist, and the number 436 doesn't exist.


Kelsey: Warning: This video doesn't exist.

(Cuts to Kelsey waving her arms around and tap dancing.)

Kelsey: That didn't just happen. I'm not real.

(Kelsey slaps herself in the face.)

Kelsey: I didn't feel that.

(She flicks her head. Cuts to her banging her head against a wall.)

Kelsey: I can't feel this either.

(Kelsey mimes cutting her wrists with the blade of a pair of scissors.)

Kelsey: Can't feel this either.

(Cuts to Kelsey's hand writing on a sheet of paper.)

Handwritten: These shoutouts don't exist. dejajeva
It doesn't matter if I forgot you because this video doesn't exist!

Kelsey: And that, my friends, is the power of 436.

(She gasps and covers her mouth.)


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