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| style="background:black"|[[Image:Cassieiswatching 005.jpg|95px]]

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Be advised, the links below include the puzzle solutions as well as the puzzles themselves.

SmallEye.jpg   Characters   SmallEye.jpg

Cassieiswatching 005.jpg 95px
Cassie Frank

SmallEye.jpg   The Puzzles   SmallEye.jpg

SmallEye.jpg   Profile Updates   SmallEye.jpg

SmallEye.jpg   Useful Links   SmallEye.jpg

SmallEye2.jpg   The Videos   SmallEye2.jpg

Chronological but not necessarily logical order:

Misdirected. Lost Visual in the Burn Out (Brother/10033)

Sparks Are Flying (Brother/10033)

3-2-1 Contact (Brother/10033)

Add Poe Hinder Vilification (War Pylol)

You Made the Right Choice, Bree! (OpAphid)

an update of sorts (Tachyon)

DO GO TO GOD, Cassie (for my helper) (OpAphid)

Everyone Hates Cassie: What a poor, lonely girl. (OpAphid)

They Attack Cassie! Is Daniel Next? He Crossed the Line.(OpAphid)

What ever happened to that girl, Cassie? (OpAphid)

Cassie is Lying, Cassie Tells Lies (OpAphid)

Disclosure: Cassie. We Are "They" (OpAphid)

Which Side Are You On? (Keep This In Mind) (OpAphid)

Cassie Does Not R.I.P. (Rest In Peace) (OpAphid)

my lonesome update for mid October (Tachyon)

URGENT: For My Helper! (Tachyon)

The Action of an Enemy - Be Careful (OpAphid)

They Are Still Everywhere (Tachyon)

They Are Watching (Tachyon)

Adventures in Babysitting (OpAphid)

Mysteries of My Past... Revealed: My Time in Suburbia (Tachyon)

Knock 'Em Down (Tachyon)

Home Alone (OpAphid)

Gemma? [Part I] (Tachyon)

Gemma? [Part II] (Tachyon)

Gemma? [Part III] (Tachyon)

Gemma [Part IV] (Tachyon)

Gemma [Part V] (Brother/10033)

The Ends Justify The Means (OpAphid)

Lose Something?(OpAphid)

Miss Me? (OpAphid)

I Heard Pain, Odd Evil Fiction (War Pylol)

Tide To Revenge Afire (War Pylol)

Remember Me? (OpAphid)

I'm Spoofing Up the CiW page