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The first note from Mr. Zipp was delivered by a carrier pigeon (named HTMLvis later). Maddison and Adam found the bird outside Maddison's door. The note was tied to the leg of the pigeon.

The note

One side of the note said:

maddisonatkins@yahoo.com Login immediately. You will know the password

There was a message in the Morse code on the other side:

--... ....- / -.... .---- / -.... --... / ..--- ----- / -.... ..--- / -.... ..-. / --... --... / --... ...--


It translated to hex as:

74 61 67 20 62 6F 77 73

Hex translated to text as:

tag bows

Two bags

"Tag bows" appeared to be anagram to "two bags".

It was unclear what this meant. However, Whiskey, Maddison's dog, helped to figured it out. Whiskey chewed the note a little and then Maddison noticed that there was some message inside the note as well. So "two bags" were supposed to mean that a note was "double bagged" and had a message inside too.

Message inside was:


In an Apple - In a Ruby - Under your elbows - Near the wall. 11(B)12  Hurry


It was solved as:

In an Apple - Big Apple
In a Ruby - Rue B bar
Under your elbows - under the table
Near the wall
11(B)12 - the bar was located on B ave. between 11th and 12th streets in Manhattan 

This lead to the first drop in New York.

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