Redearth88 (web series)

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Created by Glenn Rubenstein
Rachel Sara E. R. Fletcher
Brother Glenn Rubenstein
OpAphid Mari Devincenzi
Linc Logan Rapp
Production Crew
Executive Producers Jeromy Barber
Glenn Rubenstein
Associate Producer Tiffany Plemmons
Assistant Producer Mari Devincenzi
Editor Mike Frankson
Writers Jenni Powell
Glenn Rubenstein
Redearth88 Portal
List of Redearth88 videos

Redearth88 (sometimes stylized as REDEARTH88) is an interactive online series produced by former lonelygirl15 crew member Glenn Rubenstein, mixing real life drama and "situational comedy." It is told through intimate webcam confessionals, contrasted by warspy footage of action and suspense, along with other forms of "intercepted" video communication that touch upon a larger mystery. To date, Redearth88 has received 1,600,000 views on YouTube, where it has a combined subscriber base of over 20,000 users.

Also taking place in the Redearth88 universe include the OpAphid vs. Tachyon backstory, and Jeromy Barber's Maddison Atkins ARG.

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