Um...a problem.

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Episode 9/1x009
Um...a problem.

Crystal, even though its been a day and its probably too late to say anything, don't let him in your apartment.

Blogger Will
Date Posted February 2nd, 2010
Forum forum discussion
Length 1:50
Description Crystal, don't let that guy inside your apartment.
Location(s) SHENtek
YouTube Tags lg15 lonelygirl15 outbreak resistance bree daniel jonastko danielbeast mason crystal will order shentek hymn of one episode four problem
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Director(s) Lance Little
Director of Photography Lance Little
Story Gregory Austin McConnell
Editor(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Will Lance Little
Mason Gregory Austin McConnell
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Um...a problem. is the ninth video in the LG15: Outbreak video series.


Will: Crystal, if you're watching this, I'm not kidding around. No, I'm not being weird, but I think you're in trouble. That guy at your door, I have no idea who is he or why he's there or what's going on, but I recognize him. And no, I'm not being paranoid. (holds up a camera phone with a picture of Mason) See this? That's him. He was at SHENtek the other day during the false fire alarm. I think he was in my office. That is him. I'm telling you. My ID card has been stolen. At first, I thought I'd lost it because I don't keep track of things very well, but I found out it's worse. Jordan and Jessica, they were right. They tried to tell me, but I wouldn't listen. Someone hacked into SHENtek's corporate servers yesterday and stole a bunch of classified documents. Plans for what the company was researching and putting together for the next decade. Information worth millions, I don't know, billions maybe, and they hacked in using my login ID. I just spent the last 24 hours getting grilled by the cops. I'm being investigated for negligence and selling company secrets. Needless to say, I got fired, but I don't even care about that. If this goes all the way, I could go to jail. I think that guy was the one who stole my ID. Crystal, you need to get away from him. Now. He's dangerous. I'm not joking. Whoever he is, he's involved in something big and I don't want you getting in trouble or worse. I'll be back as soon as I can grab everything from my locker that I need if they'll even still let me. God, I am such an idiot.