Happy Birthday, Crystal

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Episode 11/1x011
Happy Birthday, Crystal

Mason: "You Do It"
Will: "No You Do It"
Crystal: "Someone please just stab me with the cake knife kthx"

Blogger Will
Date Posted February 4th, 2010
URL youtube.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 7:59
Description Hope my cheesy little party wasn't TOO annoying, Crystal. (Oh, and I know you'll hate me for the ending, but I felt like everyone deserved to see it.)
Location(s) The Cherry Grove Apartments
YouTube Tags lg15 lonelygirl15 outbreak resistance bree daniel jonastko danielbeast mason crystal will order shentek hymn of one episode four happy birthday
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Director(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Assistant Director(s) Vincent Rouse
Director of Photography Lance Little
Story Gregory Austin McConnell
Editor(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Will Lance Little
Crystal Dani Martin
Mason Gregory Austin McConnell
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Happy Birthday, Crystal is the eleventh video in the LG15: Outbreak video series.


(Will is seen recording himself in a mirror checking himself out. He heads out into the main area of the apartment to find Crystal at a table with a cake looking bored.)

Will: Hey!

Crystal: (Smiles.) Hey.

Will: Whose birthday is it?

Crystal: Mine...

Will: How old are you?

Crystal: Twenty-one.

(Will pans down to the cake, which consists of two green-frosted horned animals facing each other with candles stuck in their backs.)

Will: You like your cake? (Lowers himself to table-level.)

Crystal: It's...cute.

(Will stands up as Mason sits at the table.)

Mason: Happy birthday, sis.

Crystal: Thanks. (Sighs.) Well, do I get any presents? (Grins at Mason.)

Mason: Yeah, you do. I have one, but... (Turns to the camera.) we should probably sing first.

Will: Oh. I'll just set this up.

(Will turns the camera toward his chest. Cut to him leaving the camera at table-height across the room.)

Will: All set here. Anybody got a match? A lighter? (Sits down next to Crystal.) Some-

Mason: I do. Right here. (Mason enters and pulls up a chair on the other side of Crystal.) Okay. Alright, you guys ready? (Drinks from a cup.)

Will: Yessir.

Mason: Okay, here we go. (Puts down the cup and begins lighting a candle before stopping suddenly to point at Will.) Who's gonna sing?

Will: Not me.

Mason: I'm not singing.

Will: I'm not singing.

Mason: Do it together?

Will: O-kay...

Mason: Okay. 1-2-3.

('Mason and Will begin singing together as Mason begins lighting the candle once again before stopping suddenly.)

Mason: Let's flip for it. How 'bout that?

(Cut to Mason digging in his pocket.)

Mason: -quarter?

Will: No. (Gets up to check his pockets.) I don't think so.

(Crystal looks bored at Will as Mason turns to her. She sighs. Cut to Crystal pulling out a quarter and handing it to them. Will grabs the quarter first.)

Will: Call it in the air.

(Cut to Will tossing the quarter.)

Mason: Heads.

(Will catches the quarter and looks at it before looking at Mason.)

Will: Heads.

Mason: So you'll do it?

Will: Uh- You mean... We're calling this to see who did it. So-

Mason: Yeah. I called heads, and it's heads.

(Crystal becomes annoyed.)

Will: Which means you sing.

Mason: No. You do. Because I won, you get to do it.

(Cut to Mason and Will playing rock-paper-scissors as Crystal hides her head. Will loses.)

Mason: One.

(Play continues and Mason loses.)

Will: Two. (Play continues and Mason loses again.) Two.

Mason: (Groans.) Okay.

(Will grabs the lighter and begins lighting a candle.)

Will: Ready?

Mason: I guess. (Sings "happy birthday" to Crystal as Will lights the candles. At the conclusion, he and will clap.) Make a wish. (Crystal blows out the candles and looks incredulously at the camera as Mason and Will clap again.) What'd you wish for?

Crystal: (Sighs.) It's not important.

Mason: (Grins and does an impression of Tiny Tim.) Merry Christmas, everyone! Let's eat.

(Cut to Will grabbing the camera and bringing it to the cake.)

Mason: Okay? Okay. (Cut to Mason lifting the cake.) Alright, you guys. Who wants to cut the head off?

Crystal: (Whines.) No, I don't.

Will: I'm not doing it.

Mason: I'll do it. (Laughs.)

Crystal: I'm not into animal cruelty.

Mason: Alright, alright, alright, alright. (Grabs a knife.) You're not into what?

Crystal: (Laughs.) Animal abuse.

(Mason makes noises as he cuts the head from one of the animals.)

Mason: Ah! Here we go! (Eats the head.)

Will: That is horrible.

(Crystal giggles as Mason licks his fingers.)

Mason: That's good. (Licks the knife and touches his lip.) Ow! (Walks off, continuing to lick the knife.)

(Cut to a time lapse scene of Crystal, Mason and Will eating the cake. Cut to a close-up of Crystal.)

Crystal: They're really creeping me out. Like, his comments are really... just weird.

Will: He made you a taco.

Crystal: He did. And it scared the crap out of me.

Will: Looked good to me.

Crystal: I don't know.

Will: Hey, Mason, (Pans to Mason, who is finishing off the cake.) why aren't you on Facebook? (Mason shoves a piece in his mouth and leaves. Will pans back to Crystal.) Does he always ignore you bluntly every time you ask a question?

Crystal: Appears so. But...

(Crystal smiles awkwardly at the camera. Will eats a piece of cake and Mason returns.)

Mason: Here, I'll tell you. (States something the camera cannot hear.)

Crystal: (Giggles.) What?

Will: Should I be offended since I like it? (Crystal continues to giggle.) I'll take that as a yes.

Mason: And how'd you meet Crystal?

Will: She moved in. She left a box outside. (Crystal laughs.) I brought it to her.

Mason: You left a box outside?

Crystal: Yes. Outside.

Mason: And you brought it to her.

Will: Yep.

Mason: That sounds stupid.

Crystal: So... can I open my presents now?

Mason: Yeah. You may.

Will: I gotta go get mine.

Mason: Okay.

(Cut to the camera being placed on a surface.)

Mason: He left.

Crystal: Cool.

Mason: (Sits down, sighing.) I didn't exactly get it wrapped. (Sets a bag in front of Crystal.)

Crystal: Well, this definitely works. (Opens the bag.) Okay, so how much money did you spend? (Pulls out a box.)

Mason: A bit.

Crystal: Man. Then it better be good... (Opens several boxes contained in the big one.) Let's see. (Opens the final box to find a necklace.) Oh. Wow. You really didn't have to do this.

Mason: Happy birthday.

Crystal: (Smiles.) I don't even know what to say.

(Cut to the camera being picked up.)

Crystal: You really didn't have to do that.

Mason: That's fine. Happy birthday.

(Crystal grins. Mason whips the camera around to find Will entering with a large teddy bear. Mason laughs, Will smirks, and the camera whips around to show Crystal incredulous.)

Will: Happy birthday! I thought it could double as a... As a Valentine's present. Gift. Bear.

(The camera pans down to show the bear is holding a heart reading "Be Mine".)

Crystal: Oh. It's cute.

(Will hands the bear to Crystal, who smiles at it. Cut to Crystal standing with the bear as the low battery signal appears on screen.)

Will: S-so you have a good birthday?

Crystal: Yeah.

Will: Alright, well, my battery's almost dead, so... I'll be right back.

Crystal: Okay.

(Will sets down the camera. Cut to Mason entering behind Crystal as a sign reading "BATTERY LOW SWITCHING OFF PICTURE" appears on screen.)

Mason: I see you went with "O'Brian". (Sits in front of the camera.)

Crystal: Mom's maiden name? Seemed like a safe bet. Where'd you come up with "Mason"?

(The camera beeps and the picture cuts out.)

Mason: New family.

Crystal: Oh. You find a foster home?

Mason: You could say that.

Crystal: Hmm. Why didn't you call and tell me?

(There is an audible cut as the camera beeps again and the low battery signal flashes on screen.)

Crystal: Hey! Greg! If you found a new family, one that would have treated us right, then why didn't you come get me?

Mason: I didn't know where you were.

Crystal: You still have my number, though!

Mason: Not exactly a traditional foster family.

Crystal: Why? Because they were terrorists? (The camera beeps again and the low battery signal appears on screen.) Or is there a different reason why you're carrying around blue prints to the Eiffel Tower? Why do you have a gun?

Mason: You looked through my bag?

Crystal: Of course I did.

(The camera beeps again and the low battery signal disappears.)

Mason: Look, I didn't come here to argue-

Crystal: No? Then why did you come here?

(The camera beeps again and the low battery signal appears on screen.)

Mason: I just thought that-

Crystal: You just thought what? You could come by and let me know you were alive and well, only so you could get up and leave me again?

Mason: No, I thought that-

Crystal: What's the reason, Greg? Thought we could just pick up where we left off? (The camera beeps again and the low battery signal disappears.) Maybe we could call and ask dad to come over so we can go through the whole nightmare again!

Mason: Hey, I just came here to say (The camera beeps again and the low battery signal appears on screen.) that I'm sorry. I shouldn't have left you. It was- it was stupid. I didn't... I didn't trust myself to take care of you. I couldn't even take care of myself, and now (The camera beeps again and the low battery signal disappears.) everything's ruined and I'm stuck in the middle of it. (The camera beeps again and the low battery signal appears on screen along with a warning sign.) I just want to start over.

Crystal: I'm not gonna forgive you. I can't.

Mason: Okay. Mind if I stay the night, head out in the morning?

(The camera beeps again and the warning signals disappear.)

Crystal: You should leave now. As soon as possible.

(A beep is heard and a sign reading "BATTERY CRITICAL; AUTO-SHUTDOWN" appears on screen.)

Mason: Okay.