Until Next Time

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Episode 12/1x012
Until Next Time

I tried to repair my relationships by hiding guns and blueprints of buildings I've attacked...

Blogger Mason
Date Posted February 5th, 2010
URL youtube.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 2:12
Description I know when I'm not wanted. ...Later.
Location(s) On the Outskirts of Town
YouTube Tags lg15 lonelygirl15 outbreak resistance bree daniel jonastko danielbeast mason crystal will order shentek hymn of one episode four until next time
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Director(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Director of Photography Gregory Austin McConnell
Story Gregory Austin McConnell
Editor(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Mason Gregory Austin McConnell
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Until Next Time is the twelfth video in the LG15: Outbreak video series.


(Mason walks with the camera on him as it snows.)

Mason: Hi. Blizzard's back. So I know you guys saw the... (Sighs.) video with me and Crystal. And our little conversation. Will, you really shouldn't put stuff online without people's permission.

I don't know, it's been three years since Crystal and I have seen each other. I guess I just hoped things had changed, but they hadn't. I tried, and she clearly wasn't having it, so... I'm going back home. I've done everything I can do here, she clearly doesn't want me here, and I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable, so...

It's cold here. (Sighs.)

Crystal, look: you need to know... I never really meant to hurt you at all, and I know... the stuff I've done... there's no excuse for it. And if I could take it all back, I would. But I can't, and... it kills me. (Sighs.)

Look, Will, I don't even know what to say. It was a job, I did it, I didn't know who you were, I didn't know... you knew her, I didn't realize what... what hap-... You ever get that feeling that no matter where you go you're always disappointing somebody?

If you guys want me to go away, then I'm gone.

There's nothing else for me to do here, so I guess this is goodbye.