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First Appearance Last Appearance
You Made the Right Choice, Bree! Remember Me?
Character information
Age Unknown
YouTube OpAphid
Revver OpAphid
Portrayed by Mari Devincenzi (voice)
List of OpAphid videos

OpAphid is the codename of an operative who has done work for both the Order and TAAG. She once ran the Operation APHID division of the Order, using forceful tactics, drugs, and deception to work against Bree Avery's wishes. Sometime after Bree's death via Ceremony, OpAphid switched techniques and began working for the Resistance with Brother.

Origin of OpAphid

Operation APHID's logo, which appears at the end of most videos.

OpAphid can be traced back to its first appearance, the video You Made the Right Choice, Bree!, in response to Bree's My Difficult Decision video. OpAphid has since posted comments and videos to Bree, Daniel, and Cassie. These are generally warnings, some of them nicer than others, that insinuate that OpAPHID is connected to Bree's religion, and that Cassie and Daniel should watch their step carefully.

Is She Really Missing?

OpAphid logged into her YouTube account on May 24th, 2007, leaving this message:

right there above you
right there above you
right there above you
Oh dear.
Rumors of MY death have been greatly exaggerated...
Some things are secret for a reason. There are people whose lives are dedicated to keeping
them that way.

The "Rumors of MY death have been greatly exaggerated..." was once thought to be a clue that Brother had not actually murdered Gemma.

The message is also speculated to be a Cassie-esque sign off.

However, OpAphid has recently emerged with a vengeance toward her "former associates".

Official ARG

On November 21, 2006, The Creators announced that OpAphid is a 100% fan-created Alternate Reality Game, but they liked it so much that they contacted its creator and decided to make it the official ARG of lonelygirl15. However, on April 12, 2007, The Creators announced that due to a falling out with Glenn Rubenstein, OpAphid would no longer be the official ARG.

While the official ARG, OpAphid kidnapped and brainwashed Daniel.

Recurrences of OpAphid videos

OpAphid's videos are layered to say the least. There is the surface message of the written and spoken text, the deeper meanings of the text, the text and audio that takes homework, backwards audio, and hieroglyphs.

OpAphid also uses a false ending which appears as if the video has ended and gone to the related video links, but then returns to the real video again before ending. Usually the only thing after the false ending, is OpAPHID's logo.

OpAphid uses video tags, some strange, that often match Bree's, Daniel's, or Cassie's.

OpAphid agents and enemies

OpAphid has two main enemies - Tachyon, and her partner Brother.

Also, OpAphid has agents that track down BDJ and often other people such as Tachyon, Brother, and Maddison Atkins. Agents include War Pylol, and OpAphid herself.

Operation APHID

The letters in OpAphid are known to stand for the following things.


The A in APHID was solved to be Analysis.

  • Clue: "The first step toward any solution? The A in APHID, of course."
  • Corresponding video: Cassie Does Not R.I.P. (Rest In Peace), with the tags "A PAIN HID"
  • Solution: Analysis
  • Profile verifying solution: "The first step toward any solution? ANALYSIS. Analyze the data in front of you."


The P in APHID was solved to be Protect.

  • Clue: "...While history is full of subtle clues toward greater secrets, some messages are meant to be taken literally--regardless of any deeper connections we might suspect. Above all others, the P in APHID is our greatest purpose..."
  • Corresponding video: You Made the Right Choice, Bree!, with the tags "HID IN APP"
  • Solution: Protect
  • Profile verifying solution: "To PROTECT is our greatest purpose, above all others. The importance of PROTECTION is essential to understand before any further progress can be made."


The H in APHID was solved to be Hinder.


The I in APHID was solved to be Infiltrate.

  • Corresponding video: Disclosure: Cassie. We Are "They", previously with tags "HIP IN AID"
  • Solution: Infiltrate
  • Profile verifying solution: "Tachyon sought to INFILTRATE our organization. She attempted to use the I in APHID against us."


The D in APHID was solved to be Destroy.

  • Corresponding video: Add Poe Hinder Vilification (from OpAphid agent War Pylol), with the tags "PAID HIND"
  • Solution: Destroy
  • Email verifying solution: (from Puzzle (Language Labs)) "In hindsight, it's a miracle we spotted that 'location verified, D in APHID' video in time to arrange for your safe passage to a secure location. Even though there were no casualties when the bomb detonated (sans the corpse we planted to fake your demise), it still doesn't change the fact that it was meant to DESTROY you.


The letters "Op" have not been confirmed, though the common concensus is that it stands for Operation. However, many think it stands for Observe and Pursue.

Full Solution

According to these solutions, OpAphid stands for Operation Analysis Protect Hinder Infiltrate Destroy.

This solution is much different than the OPAPHID discussed in the official series by Bree and Gemma, where it stood for: Acknowledge their Position and Help Initiate a Dialogue.


Not everyone is a fan of OpAphid, however.

The answer (phone number) to the Set of Five puzzle was kept secret for the first few hours after it was solved (at the request of OpAphid). We are told it was done to maintain the experience for those who wished to solve the puzzle themselves and earn the "well done" first heard upon calling the phone number. This left a bad taste in the mouths of many, both new players who don't understand why people aren't giving out the answers and veterans who aren't used to a PM who locks down their game to quite this level.

OpAphid has since stated that if there are to be any other "grace periods" on revealing the solution to a future puzzle, they will be limited to a span of 2-4 hours. Recent puzzles have had no such restrictions.


OpAphid has taken credit for gamejacking Cassie's voice mailbox. Evidence in the video, Cassie Does Not R.I.P. (Rest In Peace) proves she had the passcode, and complete control of the mailbox.


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