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This page has had a stub tab on it for a while, can anyone think of anything else that would need adding? It seems pretty thorough to me. If no replies in 24 hours, I'll remove it.. we can always readd it if people think that there's more information needed (please specify what it is to help whomever ends up adding it, thanks.) --Zoey 20:45, 28 June 2007 (CDT)


I worked hard on it, but I don't really see a place for it on the page right now. I am leaving it here for future reference, if anyone needs it.


Summary: We first meet Maddison and Adam. They go clothes shopping so Maddison can have something more professional to wear on her interview.
Summary: Adam finds a pigeon with a note outside of Maddison's door. When Maddison realizes the note has her name on it, she opens it. One side contains her name with a bunch of "dots". The other side says, " Login immediately. You will know the password."
  • Event: E-mail -- Maddison logs into her e-mail account from Mr. Zipp.
  • Solve: Two Bags -- The message from HTMLvis is revealed to be in morse code. Decoded, it is an anagram that spells "two bags".
  • Video: Immerse Myself -- Maddison posts her third video on April 12, 2007.
Summary: Maddison reads aloud an email that she received from Mr. Zipp. In the email, Mr. Zipp apologizes for contacting Maddison, saying that they were never intended to meet, but that due to a current unnamed situation, he feels forced to communicate with her. He describes himself as a worried parent who has severe restrictions placed on the interactions he has with his only child. He hopes that Maddison can help save his child's life. Mr. Zipp says that Maddison's life is in danger because of this email that he sent her, and that she has no more than 15 days before "the organization" tracks the email to her. Mr. Zipp tells Maddison she needs to gain exposure online in order to save herself; if she can gain enough attention, she will not be considered a threat.
  • Event: MySpace -- Maddison posted the following on her MySpace blog on April 13, 2007:
15 minus 4 equals 11 and still stuck on TWO BAGS
I'm very tired now. I skipped my classes today, and I spent the entire day trying to figure this out. Corresponding with you all - BTW Thanks for working with me on all this.
I got out in the rain today to walk down to the Mast Arboretum looking for anything. Some old people kept looking at me while I was rooting through the bushes and flowers (which are dead from the snow - last weekend). I couldn't find anything.
I'm open to any other ideas. Anything?
Summary: Maddison and Adam attend a concert. Whiskey chews up the note Maddison received from Mr. Zipp, revealing another note inside.
  • Event: Discovery The note inside of Maddison's note is discovered.
  • Drop: Found Skunkwaffle retrieves the drop from Rue B's.
  • Event: Chat -- Maddison comes into the IRC chat for the first time.
  • Event: Name -- HTMLvis is officially named.
  • Video: Drop Found! -- Maddison posts her fifth video on April 15th, 2007.
Summary: Maddison explains that the drop was found by skunkwaffle. She also officially names HTMLvis.
  • Event: Chat -- Maddison comes into the chat and expresses her relief that the puzzle has been solved and "this is all over." People in the IRC chat explain to her that this is far from over, and that the drop actually contained a new puzzle to be solved.
  • Video: Pigeon Part II -- Maddison posts her sixth video on April 17th, 2007.
Summary: Maddison plans to cook dinner for Adam and Emily, but discovers a new pigeon with another note outside her door.
Summary: Maddison and Adam try to solve the message from HTMLvis. She eventually credits lorien for solving it.
  • Event: MySpace -- Maddison posts an update on her MySpace:
I realized that I haven't updated here in awhile.
Here's a forum where the most up to date information is
If you want to help, I'd really appreciate it.
Lemme explain. No. Lemme sum up.
Me = Girl in college
Pigeon One with coded note = Crazy surprise
Note = Riddle that leads to an Envelope in New York City
Envelope = Some note about wine and a Dr. Seuss poem - and some code - and some kid's drawing of a car
Me = Yay! Thinking it was/could be/might be over
Pigeon 2 with Note 2 = Me saying Awwww Crap! and a code with two vials
Note = New riddle that my lead to a drop in Kansas City.
Drop in KC = not picked up yet
Me now = kind of freaked out but VERY focused on figuring this all out.
Hope this helps,

Event: MySpace -- Maddison posts the following on her MySpace:

Drop in KC = not picked up yet
Me now = kind of freaked out but VERY focused on figuring this all out.
Hope this helps,
  • Event: Drop -- The KC Drop was picked up by Limadean and Zakeox.
  • Video: Summary (April 20th) -- Maddison posts her eigth video on April 21st, 2007.
Summary: Maddison provides a summary of what has happened to her thus far.
Summary: After speaking to Deagol and others on the forum Maddison and Adam came up with a message to send to Mr Zipp. The message read "Final Check: Sketchy timbre needs clarity: not SM57/58. A4 tuned 15hz flat: feedback expected." This implied that this was our final check, Timbre implies sound color and the colors and sketchs need to be clarified. Sm57 and 58 are microphones from the company Shure, implying that we weren't sure of what Zipp meant. A is a orchestra term for tuning in to get the same thing, tuned to 15hz flat you get 425. Implying we were wondering what was going to happen on 4/25. Feedback expectd is a microphone term implying that we want feedback on everything. The note is tied to the pigeon's leg and sent off to Mr Zipp.
Summary: Maddison expresses her fear over what is to come. She discovers another note on her door knob.
Summary: Maddison expresses how scared she is. She and Adam decide to go on the run to his Uncle Joe's cabin.
  • Video: No More -- Maddison posts her twelth and final video on April 29th, 2007.
Summary: Adam reveals that he and his girlfriend, Emily, broke up and she took possession of Whiskey some time recently. Maddison and Adam arrive at Adam's Uncle Joe's. They are shot.