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First Appearance Last Appearance
You Made the Right Choice, Bree! Remember Me?
Character information
Age Unknown
YouTube OpAphid
Revver OpAphid
Portrayed by Mari Devincenzi (voice)
List of OpAphid's blogs

OpAphid is the codename of an operative who has done work for both the Order and TAAG. She once ran the Operation APHID division of the Order, using forceful tactics, drugs, and deception to work against Bree Avery's wishes. Sometime after Bree's death via Ceremony, OpAphid switched techniques and began working for the Resistance with Brother.


Watch Your Step

Operation APHID's logo, which appears at the end of most videos.

OpAphid can be traced back to her first appearance, the video You Made the Right Choice, Bree!, in response to Bree's My Difficult Decision video. OpAphid has since posted comments and videos to Bree, Daniel, and Cassieiswatching. These are generally warnings, some of them nicer than others, that insinuate that OpAphid is connected to Bree's religion, and that Cassie and Daniel should watch their step carefully.

Along with warning Cassie and Daniel about watching their step, OpAphid seemed to be documenting her battles with Resistance operative Tachyon and Tachyon's partner, Brother. At some point, Tachyon broke into one of Operation APHID's storage departments. OpAphid was outraged at this, and decided to go after her, taking use of her cell phone and other things. Even later, OpAphid hired the Cowboy to kidnap Daniel, whom she then drugged.

Missing or Not?

Later, Nikki Bower reported that OpAphid was missing, along with Tachyon and Brother. Fans believed Nikki, but OpAphid logged into her YouTube account on May 24th, 2007, leaving this message:

OpAphid said:
right there above you

right there above you

right there above you

Oh dear.


Rumors of MY death have been greatly exaggerated...

Some things are secret for a reason. There are people whose lives are dedicated to keeping

them that way.

Fans have speculated many meanings to the message, including Gemma still being alive, or the message being a Cassie-esque sign-off.

Switching Teams

More recently, OpAphid has been seen in the Redearth88 storyline. She sent out her agent, War Pylol, to kidnap Maddison Atkins, but he was killed trying. OpAphid herself then kidnapped Linc and Rachel. Linc was never seen again, but Rachel was set free sometime later. Even more recently, OpAphid emerged with a vengeance toward her "former associates," going so far as telling the Order that they should've killed her when they had the chance.

Brother has left messages on his YouTube account confirming OpAphid's switch to the Resistance, even saying that they are "married." Tachyon has said that Brother is crazy for working with OpAphid, and obviously doesn't believe she's changed.


  • While Glenn Rubenstein still worked on lonelygirl15, there was discussion that OpAphid would end up being Bree's mother. Similarities between the two remain to this day, including their insane tempers, their dislike of the relationship between Bree and her father, Drew, and their former/present high ranks in the Order. [1]
  • OpAphid videos take about five days or more to produce. [2]
  • Many of them were shot in Glenn's office. He has a white wall, which he layered with a seamless white backdrop for them. [3]
  • OpAphid was based upon a screenplay Glenn wrote called "Red Earth."
  • The name of this character was inspired by the band Operation Ivy. [4]
  • OpAphid shares Glenn's sense of humor. [5]

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