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First Appearance Last Appearance
My Name Is Jonas Rescued?!
Character information
Age 19?
Date of Birth August 1987? (Leo)
MySpace Jonastko
Forum Posts jonastko
YouTube jonastko
Revver jonastko
Portrayed by Jackson Davis
List of Jonas's blogs
Videos with Jonas

Jonas a.k.a. jonastko is a Revver/YouTube user who started leaving video comments on Bree's videos and eventually became friends with Bree and Daniel. Most of his initial videos take place in what he says is his father's study.

Jonas's first videos were uploaded from his house. He lived there alone because his parents were reportedly lost at sea when he was thirteen years old. He seems to have inherited their house, a cabin in the mountains, and a large sum of money.


Although an amount of money is never given, Jonas owns a large house, a cabin, at least two vehicles, and appears to have paid all of Bree and Daniel's bills for several months. Jonas has also mentioned that he does not work and has no intention to. Prior to turning 18, he had a full-time nanny and attended a lot of psychotherapy. To support this lifestyle indefinitely, Jonas must have inherited at least several million dollars.

Jonas says that he has been too quick to trust people in the past. He has been taken advantage of for his money and mentions that once he stopped throwing giant parties, a lot of his friends stopped calling him.

Many fans have observed that Jonas is something of a "lonelyboy". While Bree turned to books and stuffed animals, Jonas has turned to pop-culture and sports. Jonas makes constant references to movies and TV shows, often very obscure ones, and also enjoys extreme sports, boxing and foosball.

Adventures with TAAG

Jonas offered Bree and Daniel help in the form of shelter and financial support. Bree and Daniel were wary of going to live with a stranger that they met over the internet, but Jonas insisted. He gave them a virtual tour of his house and suggested that they test him so he could prove that his trustworthiness. Daniel took his suggestions and asked fans to vote on what they thought they should do. Fans chose to trust Jonas, but Daniel refused to go, leaving Bree alone with Jonas. He eventually came to live with them at Christmas time.

Jonas gained Bree and Daniel's trust and friendship after he came through for Daniel when Bree ran away, and after he helped them escape when Bree's father died. Jonas also participated in Daniel's rescue and got to meet Tachyon and Brother. However, this trust was temporarily shattered when Bree suspected him of being in the Order and held him hostage. Jonas managed to prove his innocence in the eyes of Bree and Daniel by showing them a document written by his father proving his parents were against the Order.

Flesh wound.

Jonas didn't forgive Bree for holding him hostage right away, but stuck with her and Daniel. He brought Bree and Daniel to his Aunt Alex's house, who was away on business at the time. Jonas tried breaking into his Aunt's office to see if there was more information about his parents and their involvement with the Order, but ended up cutting his hand in the process. After a trip to a local veterinarian to get fixed, Jonas found a folder containing names of people who were also against the Order who had disappeared. Jonas's aunt came back in town, and Jonas and Daniel were invited by Alex to a fashion party. Daniel and Alex appeared to be very interested in each other, much to Jonas's dismay. Jonas's cousin Toby was also at this party, whom he hadn't seen since his parents funeral. Bree posted a video saying there was a photo at the party which she thought was Alex and Lucy and warned the guys to leave Alex's home and meet up with her.

After finding out about Alex's true allegiance, Jonas went back with Bree and Daniel to find the new ceremony girl. After finding Jules,who they thought was the new girl, BDJ met up with Taylor and Sarah and embarked on a new journey to save her. Later, Bree gave herself up to save Jules, and Jonas and Daniel spent the rest of their time following the Order and trying to save her. Finally locating where Bree had been hidden, Jonas, along with Daniel and Sarah, went to her and Jonas forcibly took Bree back.

A short while after trying to "unbrainwash" a very resistant Bree, Jonas became convinced that she had snapped out of it and the two started to become closer. Although Daniel was suspicious that Jonas was Taking Advantage of Her, Jonas continued getting closer to Bree and slept with her the day before she ran back to the Hymn of One.

Recruiting the help of Spencer Gilman, the son of Isaac Gilman, Jonas once again set out to save Bree. Through many hardships, TAAG followed Bree's trail all the way to the ceremony, where Bree died. Directly after her death, Jonas was shattered, Taylor said:"...I think, when Bree died, it's like... she took him with her. He's empty and emotionless... He isn't Jonas anymore."

Life After Bree

After the death of Bree, Jonas fell into a deep depression which many thought he would not recover from.

Jonas in mourning.

Jonas, like many other characters, announced he would no longer be posting videos. Soon after this, however, the mysterious LaRezisto posted a video showing his parents and telling Jonas that they are alive. Although Jonas initially reacted in anger at seeing his parents again, he decided to reunite with them. At this reunion, Jonas met his adopted sister, Emma, for the first time and also found out that his parents are active members of the Hymn of One. Taylor found out that Emma was the next trait positive girl, and after The Order invaded their home and demanded Emma, Jonas took her on the run. Later, he lost Emma when he decided to trust LaRezisto and handed Emma over to Claire, the woman behind the LaRezisto posts. When several alarming videos were posted by Emma and Claire, Jonas started to become obsessed with finding a code in Emma's gestures.

After an upsetting phone call with his father, Jonas told us he would no longer be helping anyone and only focusing on getting Emma back, but he was soon back to fighting the Order by helping Daniel and Sonia kidnap the new Ceremony baby. After Mallory secretly got information from Chris, Daniel posted a video following Chris to a meeting in which it was revealed that the HoO had created a partnership between themselves, Verdus Pharmaceuticals, and the Wyman Foundation.

His next video was a dramatic, unedited copy of the current tape in the camera, showing us how he, Daniel and Sarah had found the solution to Emma's code on the forums and broken into Pleasant Manor, only to be surrounded by Shadows and seemingly doomed. Luckily, Virgil had either followed them or obtained the location elsewhere, and stormed in at just the right moment, allowing Jonas and the gang to leave with Emma.

While he was glad Emma was saved, Jonas was also devastated how easily LaRezisto had played and used him, and vowed to stop trying to safe the Ceremony Girls, and instead to bring down the Order as a whole. This new mission doesn't begin uncomplicated, though, as both Daniel and Sarah are busy contemplating and managing their own lives, leaving it up to him alone to investigate the connections between the Hymn of One, Verdus Pharmaceuticals and the Wyman Foundation.

After realizing the connection was nothing more than each organization was a front for the Order, Jonas decided to investigate the Lullaby Project. Taking Sarah along with him, the two infiltrated the The Lullaby Project Center and found multi-vitamins from Verdus Pharmaceuticals there. After making a narrow escape, they went with Daniel on a stakeout, following a Lullaby Project truck. However, they disappeared in the midst of their investigation, leaving Daniel alone to believe that they had been abducted.

The Truth About His Family

Jonas's new sister.

Jonas so far has five family members who have been in the series.


  • Many have also speculated that Jonas is gay. This arose both from his friendship with Daniel, and his lack of interest in Bree. Although, in "Uncle Dan," Jonas is apparently interested in a girl named Carla who comes on to him very strongly. This is evidenced by his giddy reaction to the camera after she gives him a little kiss. He also rejects the advances of another man at the party, Damien. After getting Bree back, he and Bree were getting very close. It was confirmed that Bree lost her virginity to Jonas.
  • On YouTube and Revver, Jonas uses the name jonastko. The name is a reference to Jonas's boxing hobby. The letters T.K.O. are used in boxing as an abbreviation for "Technical Knock-Out."
  • According to the video On The Road Again, Jonas's last name could very well begin with a "W," due to the fact that his father used his initials to write, The Order in the Modern Empire. As a result, Jonas was the first character in the series whose last name is, at least, partially known.

Fan Activity

Fans remained largely suspicious of Jonas's motives in offering such generous support to Bree and Daniel. Fans noted that Jonas initially only extended support to Bree, rather than to both Bree and Daniel. Moreover, because he simultaneously became a member and posted his first video and showed interest in Bree when she was on the run from the Order, fans were suspicious that he may be connected with the Order. He is indeed connected to the Order through his family, which is divided into supporters and detractors of the Order. How much Jonas actually knows about the Order and its counter movements is unknown, but it seems to be very little.

Since the inclusion of Jonas as a regular, his popularity has slowly grown. In May 2007 a fan club was started in his honor. It is called the Secret Society of Jonas Fans because of the indication that Jonas is shy around accolades. Its members are required to type "Shhhh!!!" in their comments when in the IC section.

Etymology of Jonas

There are two possible derivations of the name Jonas:

  • Jonas is the Latin derivation of the Greek form (Ionas) of the Hebrew name Jonah (dove). It is widely presumed that Jonas's name is a reference to the Biblical Jonah, who was swallowed by a fish, because this would tie in to the story of his lost parents. For further discussion, also see the LGPedia article, Water theme. Jonas is most widely used as a male name in German and Scandinavian cultures.
  • Alternatively, Jonas is the Lithuanian variant of the English name John. John is derived from the Hebrew Johanas, which means "God is great," and which is the name of Biblical characters John the Baptist, John the Apostle, and John the Evangelist.


Follow this link for theories about Jonas.

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