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Most viewed videos on lonelygirl15 channel as of July 14th, 2008

If I Had A Million Views...

Only a small number of lonelygirl15 videos have reached over a million views on YouTube, though the number has risen since lonelygirl15 ended in August 2008.

The first video to be viewed over a million times was My Lazy Eye (and P. Monkey gets Funky!). The next four were Swimming!, House Arrest, My First Kiss and First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails.

In April and May of 2007, I Probably Shouldn't Post This... and Boy Problems... crossed the one million threshold. Later that summer, the videos The Unthinkable Happened and Lonelygirl15 Season 1 Recap hit the one million mark in June and August respectively. A few months later, I'm Really, Really, Really Excited! followed.

On January 21st, 2008, Girl Tied Up crossed the 1 million threshold, in an astonishing four days after its release (see more on that video below). A month later, on February 20th, 2008, 4 Girls, 2 Guys became the twelfth video to enter the club. On March 12th, 2008 In the Bedroom accumulated its first 1 million views in a little over four days, following in the footsteps of Girl Tied Up. Spicing Things Up came a mere three days later on March 15th, 2008. On May 16, 2008, Booby Trap? became the fifteenth video to join the million view club, only two days after its release, breaking the four-day record previously set by Girl Tied Up.

On August 14, 2008, Beach Party became the first video to hit the million view mark since the show finale. Spanish Princess, Truth Or Dare and Watch This! have all since surpassed the million view mark, as well. As of May 28, 2009, At the Beach and Drawing in Bed had also surpassed one million views. On June 15, 2009, I've Never Done This Before exceeded one million views. By July 23, 2009, Fries And A Shakedown and Beer Bath had also attained one million views.

Other Accounts

Only videos on the lonelygirl15 YouTube account have approached these numbers. As of March 2009, the highest view count of a video on another account is Taylor's Sluttiness Prevails with over 500,000 views.

Multi-Million Views

Two Million

  • On June 16, 2009, the third anniversary of its release, First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails reached two million views.
  • Beach Party had 2.2 million views as of July 23, 2009. It previously reached one million views on August 14, 2008.

Three Million

Four Million

  • 4 Girls, 2 Guys attained in excess of 4 million views as of July 23, 2009. It was at 3.1 million views as of May 28, 2009, and reached two million views in November 2008.

Five Million

  • Spicing Things Up reached 5 million views on July 23, 2009. It reached 4 million views on June 15, 2009 and three million views on March 26th, 2009.
  • My First Kiss has over 5 million views as of July 23, 2009. It had 4.1 million views as of May 28, 2009, and reached three million views on December 2, 2008.

Most Watched Videos Ever

As of July 23, 2009, In the Bedroom was the most watched lonelygirl5 video of all time, with over 19 million views. It eclipsed long-time most-viewed title holder Girl Tied Up in May 2009.

In the Bedroom reached two million views on March 24, 2008, and it was the second lonelygirl15 video to ever reach three million views on April 4, 2008. It reached 10 million views on February 13, 2009, 14 million views on June 1, 2009, 15 million views on approximately June 12, 2009, 16 million views on June 22, 2009, and 19 million views on July 23, 2009. Why it has racked up so many views since the end of lonelygirl15 (e.g., 3 million views between June 22 and July 23, 2009) is not clear.

Girl Tied Up, once the most watched video ever . . .

From January 26, 2008 through sometime in May 2009, Girl Tied Up ranked as the most viewed lonelygirl15 video of all time. It reached the one million mark on January 21st, 2008, the two million mark on January 26th, the three million mark on January 29th, the four million mark on February 1st, the five million mark on February 9th, the six million mark on February 11th, the seven million mark on February 17th, the eight million mark on March 1st, the nine million mark on April 1st, 2008, and the ten million mark as of May 8, 2008. As of March 5, 2009, it had exceeded thirteen million views, and 14 million on June 1, 2009. It was the fastest video by far to reach each million view count threshold, aside from Booby Trap's attainment of one million views in only two days.

In the Bedroom eventually overtook Girl Tied Up in views because, as of August 6, 2008, Girl Tied Up was the only known video in the lonelygirl15 series flagged as "possibly inappropriate" on Youtube. The video can now only be viewed by people whose age on YouTube is asserted to be at least 18, and the video does not appear on the lonelygirl15 channel under "most viewed videos", thus limiting the number of views it now gets.