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Series Summary

None yet.

Current Main Characters

Cynthiaprofile1.png Alessandraprofile1.jpg Anandaprofile1.jpg Betzprofile1.jpg
Cynthia Alessandra Ananda Betz
Liandraprofile1.jpg TheChosenFlockprofile1.jpg TheChosenFlockprofile1.jpg ShepherdXprofile1.jpg
Li TBR TBR ShepherdX

Other Characters

Matt Paul Sophie Mike
Sandra Lacy David Jerr The Parents
Other Characters

Other Videos

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List of Videos

« Previous Seasons

  1. What's Been Going On - CD
  2. We're Safe - HL
  3. Now Power - A114
  4. Oneness - A114
  5. Everything is Great! - B281
  6. My True Freedom - A114
  7. The Duck Pond - CD
  8. The Opposite of Great - B281
  9. New Meaning - A114
  10. The Song is All Around - L17
  11. Stop. - A114
  12. Time to Make the Phone Call - B281
  13. Bad Timing - A114
  14. No News Is Supposedly Good News - CD
  15. My Juggling for World Piece - A114
  16. I Know What I Did Last Summer - L17
  17. Fight the Order to the Power of X - SHX
  18. After Party - CD