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| revver      =  
| revver      =  
| forum-posts = -R-
| forum-posts = -R-
| actor      = [[Randy]] [[Randy Rankin|Rankin]]
| actor      =  
| color      = SteelBlue
| color      = SteelBlue
| blogs      = All Your Base, are Belong to [[Gina]]
| blogs      = All Your Base, are Belong to [[Gina]]

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First Appearance
Last Appearance
"Want some lonelycrack? All the cool kids are doing?"
Person information
Age 14
Birthday August 17, 1994
Forum Posts -R-
YouTube ThatFreakinRandy
Series Favorite...
Blogger: Emma
Episode: The Human Ransom!!!
Quote: Aaah, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa!!! -Daniel
Relationship: Spencer+Taylor :[
Personal Favorite...
Movie: Juno
Color: Steal Blue
Choice of...
Music: Indie and Anti-Folk
Browser: Firefox
Video Site: YewToobz
Social Networking Site: Uber / MySpace
All Your Base, are Belong to Gina
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Nuvola warning.png

Yo, DAWG! Randy enjoys humor. If you have nothing better to do, please tell him a joke. Pleeeeeeeeease? *puppy dog eyes* |}

Hello, there. You just happened to stumble upon my blessed userpage!!! Congratulations! You found it!

The Great Fan Videos!

The Forsaken Userboxes!

500+ This user has made over 500 edits on LGPedia.
Lazyeye.jpg This user's favorite lg15 character is Bree.
Owen.jpg This user's favorite lg15 stuffed character is Owen.
PMonkey world domination.jpg This user fears Purple Monkey plans to take over the world.
0157AlexEvil.jpg If anything, being evil only makes Jonas's aunt even hotter.
HotBaloon.jpg This user still likes Gemma, even if she is evil. Go figure.
Nikkibowerheadshot.jpg This user gets their news from The Nikki Bower Report.
I lost three points on the dismount. This user was rated 7 out of 10 by Mr. Seal.
Tachyon They Are Watching.JPG This user wants to Bring Back Tach.
Dinostomp.gif This user has been stomped by a dinosaur.
Grillz.jpg Dis user gonna rob da jewelry store and tell em make me a grill.
Brie smells like cheese. This user smells like cheese!.
Bib diet.jpg This user has motel dining down to a science!
Dorkiness.jpg This user l'cares about Bree.
C'mawn babay ah'll sang u a sawng! This user really wanted to hear P. Monkey sing Bree a song.
Goofy boxing Bree.JPG Yeah, my dad died...but all I can think about is aerobics!!!
Uncle Dan Jonas.JPG This user is going to throw up... no, it's cool. It went back down.
0204-SarahWithEyesUp-Cropped.jpg Ponies are awesome... but not as awesome as Sarah.
0212-TaylorCloseUp.jpg This user wants Teacher Taylor to break it down for them.
Sym les.jpg This User wants Bree and Sarah to hook up.
LonelyCrack.JPG This user is severely addicted to LonelyCrack.
PSW This user enjoys Proving Science Wrong!
NEHIsq.JPG This user is a member of the lonelyGirl15 Defense Force!
Terrorslurpee.jpg This user is highly suspicious of Orange Slurpees.
Plot twist overload.jpg This user is suffering from plot twist overload.
Bree how dumb am i.JPG Watch Out -- This user'll 'go Bree' on you!.
IP This user sometimes edits using their IP address when they forget to log in.
Firefox.jpg This user contributes to LGPedia using Mozilla Firefox.
UBObsession.jpg This user is obsessed with userboxes!
LGBot.jpg This user 's the LGBot.
Everytimeyouscore.JPG Please don't score a goal. Think of the children in Africa.


SpencerUnfocusedCamera.jpg This user thinks that Spencer should learn how to use a webcam.
Pmonkey.jpg This user wants P. Monkey to go back on the shelves at Target and be discontinued no more!
Owen.jpg $20!?!?!?
0228-Spencer-Khonad.jpg This user feels like Cliff Sawyer when he entered the other-dimensional world of Khom'ad.
0229-JonasByNeutrogena.jpg If this user could be anything, they'd choose to be normal.
0230-SpencerAndTaylor.jpg This user thinks Spencer is an amazing Chef.
Sym str.jpg This User wants Spencer and Taylor to hook up.


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