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Season Two

His Depression

Jonas is still depressed about Bree's death, as is everybody, and two unexpected people show up and try to cheer Jonas up, without much result. They are two party guests, Toby (Jonas's cousin), and his girlfriend Carla. Jonas isn't the only character struggling with his emotions and trying to move on. Daniel and Jonas have both stated that they are finished vlogging, though Daniel did mention that he hadn't yet opened the e-mail Bree sent before her death, and that he may read it soon (possibly leading to another video). He also announces he has a new love interest, Mallory. Spencer, in an effort to come to terms with the end of the their adventure together and say goodbye, made a trip to Zavalla, Texas, where he reunited with Taylor and Sarah one last time before returning to work at Neutrogena.

His Family

Videos start appearing by a user called LaRezisto, and show Jonas's parents. Jonas responds angrily as his parents haven't tried looking for him. Meanwhile Daniel opens the email, only to discover it unleashed a virus on his computer. After shutting down his now-defunct machine, a mysterious figure appears outside of his house. Meanwhile Sarah decides to change her ways and gets a job. LaRezisto give more clues to The Whartons' home, and he pays them a visit, meeting his sister Emma, and making a shocking discovery. LaRezisto makes progress in finding the next ceremony girl. Daniel offers to let Jonas crash at his place and tells him about his new girlfriend Mallory, and Jonas accepts the invitation. Meanwhile, Taylor has used the clues in LaRezisto's latest video and figured out Emma is the next Ceremony girl. However, before Jonas gets a chance to take Emma and run, the Order infiltrates his parents' home and demands Emma. Daniel shows up to rescue them, and Jonas, Daniel, and Emma are able to escape.

On the Run Again

Jonas and Daniel take Emma on the road, running from the Order once again, and ask that Sarah bring the serum to them. Emma finds out about the LG15 videos and is very angry at Jonas for not being truthful with her. Meanwhile, Sarah is living a wild life and reveals that she has lost the serum. Jonas is furious with Sarah and begs her to try and find it; however, Sarah is having serious issues about her life in general. She soon reveals that she, in fact, does have the serum and had lied because she wanted a "normal life." Sarah reappears with the serum and shortly thereafter, the Order catches up with Jonas, Daniel, and Emma, once again demanding Emma's surrender. It is at this point that Emma jumps on one of the Watchers and appears to have killed him. Jonas becomes convinced that Emma has special powers that can kill members of the Order. This idea is further fueled by a new LaRezisto video telling us that Emma in fact does have special powers; however, Daniel is very skeptical. Although Jonas wants Emma to stay with TAAG and not take the serum, Sarah tells Emma she should make her own decisions, and begins giving Emma the injections in secret. She also helps Emma secretly get a ticket back to her parents. Jonas is furious with Sarah, but continues investigating, and soon sees Carl and Sonia acting suspiciously.

In the Rented House

After coming back from being on the run with Emma, Jonas rents a house for Daniel, Sarah, and himself to live in while fighting the Order. Jonas and Sarah go on a stakeout to follow up on Carl and Sonia's suspicious activities, but get spotted by a Watcher and have to flee. Meanwhile, Emma posts a video explaining that she will no longer be helping LaRezisto and has decided to take her last injection. The very next day, however, after Daniel and Jonas go to Griffith Observatory and see Carl and Sonia dropping off a trait positive baby with her new parents, Emma shows up on TAAG's front porch wanting to help. After Emma comes back, LaRezisto posts another video revealing that the person behind the videos is a woman named Claire, who is trait positive and who says she wants to help Emma understand the "powers she possesses." Jonas, much to the dismay of Sarah and Daniel, takes Emma to Claire and lets Claire take Emma deep into the woods. Seconds after Claire takes Emma, a Watcher appears and tells Jonas that Claire is a "LaRezisto Shadow." While Jonas is in the woods, Sarah has decided to turn over a new leaf and reveal all of Daniel's secrets to Mallory. However, much to Sarah's surprise, Mallory already knows the "secrets." Unable to find Emma, Jonas returns home, where Daniel and Sarah post separate videos about his homecoming and his reluctance to tell them what happened.

Getting Emma Back

Jonas and Daniel go to hunt for Emma, whom they have found out is in L.A., and on their return are tailgated "down the entire coast" by a Mercedes. When they get home, Sarah exclaims that Sonia is outside their door, confirming that Sonia was the driver of the Mercedes. Amid much protest from Sarah, Jonas and Daniel let Sonia in. Sonia tells them that she she is no longer a member of the Hymn of One and has much information that can be used to help take down the Order.

Emma posts videos in which she appears to be forced into saying that she is all right. Claire adds that no one should attempt to find them. With Emma still in captivity, Jonas and Daniel join Sonia to take the new ceremony baby back by force, leaving Sarah behind, much to her dismay. Sonia is later beaten severely, apparently by a HoO member. On the same day, Chris posts a video denying the existence of the Order and warning TAAG to quit trying to fight the Hymn of One.

Sarah, feeling under-appreciated, tricks Mallory into coming with her to a favorite bar of Chris's. Sarah claims that she wanted to extract information out of a drunk Chris by using a flirtatious Mallory. When Mallory realizes what Sarah has in mind, she (Mallory) storms off. But after Sarah pleads with her and assures her that Daniel has returned to normal, Mallory agrees. She flirts with Chris and gets an unexpected kiss from him. However, the only thing she extracts from him is that something big is to occur the Friday following that day.

At home, when Daniel finishes watching the video A Woman's Touch, he throws a fit. Daniel believes that Sarah manipulated Mallory into flirting with Chris, but Mallory defends herself, asking Daniel to "give [me] more credit." After Sarah gloats about getting the information from Chris, Mallory treats her rudely for the first time, telling her to "shut up." Finally, the four (Jonas, Daniel, Sarah, and Mallory) all agree to follow Chris, because they think he knows where Emma is.

That Friday, everyone still a little tense, Sarah tells the boys that she followed Chris home. They wait in front of his house to tailgate him to his "big event." The big event turns out to be a partnership between Verdus Pharmaceuticals, the Wyman Foundation, and the Hymn of One. Lucy is there as well, and TAAG narrowly escape her clutches. To TAAG's dismay, none of the information they garner appears useful in the search for Emma's location.

Soon afterwards, Emma is told to make another video in which she has discreetly placed clues. Fans and TAAG were frustrated. The code seemed unsolvable. But that was only because the last piece of the puzzle was yet to come. Four days later, Emma encodes the final clue in Goodbye For Now. In this video, it's revealed that Emma will no longer be posting videos because she is to perform the Ceremony soon.

Soon after, Taylor posted in the forum that she has returned to help solve the code. After laying out that Emma used Native American Sign Language, QtheC got the credit for solving it. Using the final video made by Claire, in which Emma says "the Elder is the key," it is revealed that "Pleasant Manor" was the encoded message Emma was trying to send.

The TAAG quickly snaps into action. After facing many obstacles, they reach Pleasant Manor. Jonas reveals that he recognized this place because Alex's mom took them there for a party. With Sarah's help, they get inside, but are soon quickly chased after by men in black suits. Jonas, in his desperation, uploads what they have filmed so far in case of their deaths.

The next video shows Emma in a white room, pale and traumatized. Her father asks her to repeat what had happened. Emma shows the viewers that after Jonas had uploaded the video, he discovered a secret passage. TAAG followed the passage, which lead them to a room. They hide in a closet upon hearing foot steps. Claire and the rogue Elder enter arguing. The rogue Elder wants Emma ready to perform the Ceremony, while Claire, his Shadow, wishes for more time. He revealed that his organs are about 90 years old. Once they leave the room, Jonas quickly picks up the search for Emma once more. He finds her hand-cuffed to a chair in a white dress. Just as he releases her, Claire knocks Jonas to the floor and seizes Emma, gun at her head. Daniel, the only one threatening Claire and the Elder with a gun, is forced to drop it. The rogue Elder gives the order to kill TAAG, but instead gets shot at instead. Claire returns the gun to Emma's head. Before anyone gets a chance to do anything, Virgil, the Watcher Jonas met in the woods, shoots Claire in the head. He orders TAAG to get out of there. Jonas returns Emma to his parents. His mother and father promise Emma that Jonas will never bother her again.

Jonas announces again that he will not be running from the Order, but fighting them. The next day Emma posts a video saying that she misses her friends and that she and her parents are hiding out. Daniel is told he cannot come back to class, but on the same day, Mallory convinces their professor to give him another chance.

The Lullaby Project

Jonas connects Verdus Pharmaceuticals, the Wyman Foundation, and The Hymn of One by the one thread that they are all fronts for the Order. Later, Jonas and Sarah go to investigate this merger, known as the Lullaby Project, with little success. Two days after Sarah and Jonas's investigation, Emma creates a video telling us she has been sick and having very strange dreams. Daniel, Jonas, and Sarah go on a stakeout, following a Lullaby Project truck to a nearby rest stop where Jonas and Sarah go missing, leading Daniel to believe they had been abducted. After two days of no word, Daniel contacts Taylor who has not heard from them, increasing his worry. Four days following their disappearance, Jonas and Sarah are able to upload a video telling us they are trapped in the back of the Lullaby Project truck. The next day, they are released from the truck by Chris, Carl, and the Claudia.

The next day, Sarah explaining that, following their release from the truck, she and Jonas were shown around the Lullaby Project and ate lunch with them. She explains that because there is only a cable connection to the internet, their online activities are limited to five minutes, significantly cutting them off from the world outside the Project. Daniel sees the video and is satisfied that they are safe, yet still lonely. Later that same day, Jonas and Sarah flee the Lullaby Project with on bikes, believing that a member within the Project was found on the Verdus website. A fight ensues and Jonas leaves Sarah in the desert. He later returns for her, but finds her missing.

Patient #11 and Dr. Hart

A few days later, Jonas posts another video from inside a motel room with a dial-up modem. He revealed that he received a package with no return address on the envelope, containing a VHS tape. The contents of the videov appeared to be a normal meeting between a doctor and a patient, who had been dubbed "Patient #11". Both Daniel and Jonas believe Sarah to have caught a bus for home. Daniel, back at home, laments that Mallory isn't able to spend much time with him, as she is working with Professor DelMundo on a film.

Jonas finds another VHS tape, which appears to be similar to the original, containing the doctor and "Patient #11" having a conversation. He sends the full version to Taylor in the hope that she may be able to discover something else from the video. Emma is still hiding out with her parents, but announces that she had gotten a "butterfly rash."

Taylor posts a video soon after, where she discovers the a split-second shot of the doctor's face in the video Jonas had sent. She quickly realized his identity and explained that the doctor is the man from the Lullaby Project: Dr. Calvin Hart. She becomes increasingly worried regarding Sarah's absence. Jonas soon after returns to the Lullaby Project and confronts Dr. Hart, finding him packing things hastily at night. Dr. Hart later reveals that he was involved in a project called the Hart Study, devoted to turning girls trait positive. He further reveals that Patient #11, Gina, is dead.

Sarah reveals that she is still at the Lullaby Project camp. After befriending a young woman by the name of Jennie, she decided to stay for a few more days. Meanwhile Emma returns to Jonas in Mexico and they head back to the rented house. The focus shifts to curing Emma until Jennie posts a vlog stating that she is concerned for Sarah, who has now turned to the Hymn of One.

Saving Sarah

On a small surprise visit to the film studio, Daniel's assumptions that Mallory is having affair with Professor Delmundo are proven true, as the two are shown kissing. Daniel is furious, but soon joins in on the plan to save Sarah.

TAAG, now including Dr. Hart and Jennie, head to Mexico to rescue Sarah. They end up forcibly taking her back her the night of her welcoming into the Hymn of One. After a week back home, Sarah returns to her normal state, only for everyone to discover that Dr. Hart may not be who he claims, and that he had lied the entire time: Gina is still alive, and the only reason Dr. Hart wanted to stay with TAAG was to find Emma. With his mission completed, the Order kidnap Emma and it is discovered that Dr. Hart's plan all along was to switch Emma for Gina in the ceremony.


With Emma kidnapped and the ceremony just around the corner, the TAAG scramble to save her. Jonas and Daniel met the community in San Francisco, then, having bugged Lucy's car at the same event, they successfully track her to William Porter's house, where Emma is being held captive. Although they were originally supposed to meet up with Virgil there, Jonas and Daniel decide to enter the house on their own (realizing only then that the house was owned by Verdus's president), but were not successful in saving Emma. Daniel went into William Porter's hospital and faced Dr. Hart, but, while meeting Emma in person, returned empty-handed. It was later revealed that Daniel discovered that Dr. Hart and Emma had a plan to poison William Porter. After Emma's rescue, the gang take Gina with them to hide. In the rush to escape, Dr. Hart posts his last message from a stairwell. It is implied that he does not make it out of the chaos alive and that Gina and Bree are actually sisters.