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Ms. Kelly is a character in The Homeschoolers Aggregate and has posted a number of videos on both her YouTube channel and on her Revver account. These videos are listed below.

  1. HSAOnline
  2. Training Video- Peer Interaction
  3. Training Video: Academics
  4. TWJaniak: Truth in Friendship
  5. Memo
  6. Rose Kelly
  7. A New Beginning
  8. Term Registration
  9. Registration Update
  10. Learn from Bree: Disobey and You Will Pay
  11. Homeless or Jonas?
  12. Stay Focused
  13. Quick Study in Language
  14. Open House
  15. Consider, Plan, and Act
  16. Good: A is so
  17. The End of 2006 at HSA
  18. 2006 Graduation Ceremony
  19. 2006 Graduation Ceremony (full version)
  20. Term One 2007 Preview
  21. Questions, Answers and More Questions
  22. Lessons Begin
  23. The Importance of Listening
  24. Peer Interaction: Part Two
  25. For Shame
  26. Consideration: A Quiz
  27. Strangers, Pin-Monkeys and Luck
  28. The Importance of Planning
  29. The Importance of Gratitude
  30. Hard Lessons from the Executive Director
  31. A Message from Our Sponsors
  32. TiKO: A Foundation for Charitable Giving
  33. Lessons Continue
  34. Influence
  35. The Necessity of Order
  36. Weekly Visit
  37. Weekly Visit (part 2)
  38. Perception Vs. Reality
  39. Weekly Session [Part 3]
  40. Thanks for Listening
  41. Apply Your Knowledge
  42. Good Session
  43. To Ease Distress
  44. Sorry, Doctor
  45. What did we learn?
  46. Contrition
  47. A Necessary Response
  48. How Do You Seek?
  49. Physical Relief

There are also some videos which have only been posted on her Revver account, which are listed below.

  1. (10/4/06) Urgent Announcement
  2. Gentle Response
  3. Lesson From Professor Boone
  4. From Rose