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| actor      = [[Alexandra Dreyfus]]
| actor      = [[Alexandra Dreyfus]]
| first      = [[Crazy Emo Chick]]
| first      = [[Crazy Emo Chick]]
| last        = [[POW!]]
| last        = [[Stickam Feed]]
| series      = res
| series      = res
| blogs      = [[:category:Sarah's blogs|List of Sarah's blogs]]
| blogs      = [[:category:Sarah's blogs|List of Sarah's blogs]]

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First Appearance Last Appearance
Crazy Emo Chick Stickam Feed
Character information
Age 31
Date of Birth April 5th, 1989
LG15 10006
MySpace skyisempty99
Forum Posts SkyIsEmpty
YouTube theskyisempty99
Portrayed by Alexandra Dreyfus
List of Sarah's blogs
Videos with Sarah

Sarah is a young woman, aged nineteen years old, who was a member of TAAG for most of 2007 and 2008. She was a main character in the lonelygirl15 webseries, and also the sister of Taylor. Taylor first mentions Sarah in the video Practice Sucked :(. Both Sarah and Taylor are from the town of Zavalla, Texas. Sarah's father works for the Order as a cemetery watchman. Sarah is a main character in the LG15: The Resistance webseries, and wants to help fight the Order.


High School Drama

Sarah begins blogging on her MySpace account around the time her sister starts posted video blogs on YouTube. Sarah expresses her dismay regarding Taylor's ability to get whatever she wants from her parents, and often goes out of her way to say something mean about her. She talks in length about a boy she likes named Jay, who stopped returning her calls. She also becomes upset when she loses Colossus, her pet ferret, though she soon locates him in Taylor's closet.

Sarah's original MySpace profile picture.

Out of boredom, she decides to go to a local fair with her family, she runs into Jay at the pig stalls, and they hook up right there. She goes on to reveal that Jay has stopped acknowledging her existence, and that her friends don't believe her claims that she hooked up with him. Sarah becomes even more dismayed when Jay turns his affections to Vanessa, whom Sarah doesn't consider the brightest bulb, and becomes more upset when Jay asks Vanessa to Prom.

Bree, Daniel, and Jonas met Sarah at a park in Crazy Emo Chick, which marked Sarah's first appearance on video. Sarah's behavior in this encounter was clearly more mischievous than Taylor had earlier implied. As far as anyone can tell from the video, the original plan was for Bree, Daniel, and Jonas to meet Taylor a local park. The plan soon changed, however, as Sarah showed up instead, scaring the trio by saying she had a gun on Daniel's back, and demanding the camera be shut off. During the "blackout," Sarah apparently explained herself, and revealed that the "gun" on Daniel was in reality a tube of lipstick. Sarah also had another chance to surprise Daniel and subsequently "pantsed" him. Needless to say, Daniel's first impression of Taylor's sister wasn't friendly.

While Sarah's been willing to help, she was never very concerned with knowing the full story, having said (on the in-character chat), "to be perfectly honest I sort of zoned after "and then they made me perform a fake ceremony to fool Daniel." Nevertheless, she was disappointed to see Daniel and Jonas leave Texas. While she never mentions Daniel by name, she laments about his ignorance of her in her blog. She also reveals that she has decided not to attend the prom, which disappointed her mother, though Sarah couldn't have cared less.

As graduation came closer, Sarah decided to go to a party with her friends. There, she saw Jay, and decided to make him jealous by making out with the bartender. She blogged about it on her MySpace and later posted pictures, which Taylor considered offensive. She was so offended that she titled her next video blog, My Sister = Slut. After Taylor apologized for being insulting, Sarah had a talk with their mother, which according to Taylor sounded like, she was trying to convince mom to let her go somewhere. The following morning, Sarah left, only to reappear days later alongside Daniel and Jonas in California.

A Summer With Daniel

Sarah overtly and aggressively begins to pursue Daniel in a romantic and/or sexual context. In her first blog, she plays with Purple Monkey and pretends he is Daniel, kissing him and pressing him against her breasts. After Bree is rescued, it is painfully clear that she has suffered psychological damage from her stay with the Hymn of One. As a result of this, Daniel seems to focus his attention on Sarah as a means to distance himself from the reality of what's happening with Bree. Sarah doesn't take what's going on with Bree seriously, and treats her as if she's Colossus. Daniel tries to defend his actions (many of which seem to have hindered Bree's recovery), and tries to make it look like Jonas is taking advantage of her delicate state of mind. The next day, Sarah videotapes Jonas and Bree kissing, solidifying the rift between Daniel and Jonas.

Sarah tells Daniel to back off.

After Bree escapes, the trio go search for her. However, Daniel and Sarah seem more preoccupied with flirting, ticking off Jonas, who accuses Daniel and Sarah of not caring at all about Bree (they don't help their case by continuing to flirt instead of search). Sarah is a bit annoyed by Jonas's behavior as well, and deems it a side effect of losing his virginity to Bree. Sarah makes a video explaining that sex is no big deal, and that Jonas is blowing the entire situation out of proportion. Jonas, infuriated, sends an angry email to Taylor complaining about her sister's behavior. Taylor is annoyed that she's been dragged into this, and posts a video analyzing Jonas's behavior towards Sarah and in general. Bree posts a video announcing her decision to go back to the Hymn of One, so TAAG focus their efforts on a scientist by the name of Isaac Gilman, who worked with Bree's father. Sarah has some fun insinuating that Gilman is mad, which only succeeds in further angering Jonas. Sarah apologizes after realizing that she is really succeeding in hurting Jonas, and admits that she doesn't do "Huggy and Mushy" well. The team began to cooperate and located the mistress of Dr. Gilman, who informed them that he was killed on the same day as Drew Avery.

Jonas goes to Texas to work with Taylor, leaving Daniel and Sarah on their own. They take advantage of the alone time, and the day ends with them hooking up. Afterwards, Sarah becomes annoyed when Daniel begins taking things too seriously and becomes clingy. This small rift between the two starts to grow when Sarah drops Issac Gilman's files in the water. While Sarah claims it was an accident, Daniel soon believes her actions to be deliberate. With the help of Spencer, Isaac Gilman's son, the teens began focusing on the rescue of Bree and of making her Trait Negative with the help of Gilman's serum. During the training Spencer puts them through, he questions Daniel about his relationship with Sarah, to which Daniel replies that he is no longer interested. Sarah is the only one who isn't trained, as she is already prepared to do her part: distract the security guard.

The Serum is successfully made, and TAAG prepare to go rescue Bree. On the morning of Taylor and Sarah both protested, saying that they did not want to go, though they went anyway. While trying to get to Bree by 11 am TAAG ran into a Watcher who chased them, rammed into their car and forced them to crash and run for their lives. Sarah became separated from the rest of the group, but Nikki Bower came to the rescue just in time. After their rescue, Daniel went and received information that the Ceremony was in the middle of nowhere. They also realized that their serum was broken in the crash and Sarah left to find the other vial. Sarah took a long time, and everyone besides Taylor began doubting whether she would return. Finally, Sarah made it back to them with the serum in hand and with the remaining five members of TAAG together, they pressed forward, finally finding Bree, but only in time to see her die. When Sarah witnessed Daniel's grief caused by Bree's death, she shouted to Bree that "Daniel was always yours . . .", and that she couldn't "compete with a ghost."

Regaining Her Footing

Soon after Bree's death, Sarah & Taylor returned to Zavalla, Texas where Sarah returned to her old promiscuous ways, as noted by Taylor in Sluttiness Prevails. Sarah seemed to no longer care who she dated, though Taylor argued that she still harbored feelings for Daniel. She had also returned to showing her distaste of video blogging.

Although at first, Sarah lied saying she had lost the serum which Daniel and Jonas requested for Emma, Sarah returned to help TAAG when she saw that the they truly needed her help. She began to develop a relationship with Emma and helped her when she wanted to make her own decisions about becoming trait negative.

Sarah making her classic "annoyed face"
Helping Emma escape back to her parents, Sarah moved into a rented house with Daniel and Jonas, making it obvious that she was bothered by Daniel's new girlfriend, Mallory's constant presence in their new home. That may also be the reason why she took the opportunity to leave the house by going on a stakeout with Jonas. Although she made very clear she considered it stupid to go to LaRezisto with Emma, there was nothing she could do from home, so she helped Daniel with his Student Film instead, playing the role of Rebecca. She also vowed to be more honest in the future, but when she tried to tell Mallory the truth about Daniel (probably willfully accepting the possibility she might break up with him afterwards), she learned that Daniel had already come forward to her, making for an awkward moment, and leading to even more hostility towards Mallory. When her suspicions about LaRezisto were confirmed, and Emma was gone, she was reasonably angry, and even went as far as questioning Jonas's honesty as a whole.

Having been left at home once more, Sarah, out of necessity, spent some more time with Mallory, helping her with the contest to re-cut Daniel's film and carving pumpkins with her. After the guys returned, however, she and her opinion were, once again, disrespected. After Daniel screamed at her and he, Jonas, and Sonia didn't even ask her to come along to save the Ceremony baby, Sarah openly voiced her opinion that the guys were sexist. This, however, only brought her mockery from Jonas and Daniel, which she called unfair.

Showing her own deceptive side, and, once again, seeding trouble in paradise, Sarah later talked Mallory into having direct contact (as close as butt-touching and kissing) with Chris, in order to get information about Emma out of him. This failed, however, as the seemingly important information they got only led them to a joint venture presentation, where they barely escaped Lucy and some Wyman security personnel.

Sarah had another chance to show her deception/acting/damsel in distress skills when she was, once again, used to distract a guard at Pleasant Manor (impressing both Daniel and Jonas, who didn't think she could pull it off), and it was her who found a way inside. While they did leave the manor unharmed, the experience inside the manor, coupled with Daniel's seemingly indestructible relationship with Mallory, seemed to have broken her will to continue, to the point where she was openly asking herself "What the hell am I doing here?". She soon found the answer was continuing to investigate and fight the Order, although she expressed her feelings that the Lullaby Project, a collaboration of the HoO, the Wyman Foundation, and Verdus Pharmaceuticals, may be a good thing. She went with Daniel and Jonas on a stakeout, following a truck from the Lullaby Project, the Order's newest guise. After following the truck to a nearby truck stop, Sarah and Jonas disappeared, leading Daniel to believe they had been abducted. Days later, the two had not turned up and Daniel posted another video in which Taylor appeared and had also not seen her sister, increasing Daniel's worry. The next day, though, Jonas managed to find an internet connection with WiFi and post a video, showing Daniel that they had been stuck in the truck for four days. Sarah bugged Jonas boredly during this time, and then started to break down, yelling that she needed to get out. The next day, Carl, Chris, and Claudia rescued them from the truck, which Sarah was, at first, reluctant to accept.

Helping at the Lullaby Project

Sarah and her new friend Jennie at the "Global Lullaby Village"

The two were taken to a Lullaby Project Prenatal Care Center in the middle of the desert, where they were toured around the encampment and given food and shelter. After spending a few days with these people, Jonas and Sarah decided to bike back home. When Jonas became irritated with Sarah, he left her stranded in the middle of the desert, and when he came back for her, she was gone, leaving her bike behind. Later that day, Taylor posted a message saying that she would be coming back to L.A. via the bus.

Several days later, however, Sarah made a video explaining that the Lullaby Project employees picked her up in a truck after Jonas left her and she had decided to stay at the Prenatal Care Center where she was helping out with a new friend named Jennie. Sarah once again reiterated that the Lullaby Project seemed to be genuinely there to help people, and that she hadn't .."felt that good about doing something in...ever." Days later, Jennie was introduced on camera where she and Sarah explained a little about the "Global Lullaby Village", which is what Claudia calls the Lullaby Project encampment which is constantly relocating.

Sarah later recounted an experience she had in the Song Circle at the Lullaby Project where she heard something that she thought to be her "eternal song". She remained skeptical about the religion but believed that the song she heard was real. Since then, Jennie began posting videos some which further fueled worry about Sarah. Nearly two weeks went by before Sarah posted another video, explaining that she really felt her eternal song and that she felt closer to those within the HoO than she did with her biological family. After Jennie realized the questionable methods used by the Lullaby Project, she decided to ask Jonas, Daniel, and Emma for help in saving Sarah, and after a very disturbing chat with Sarah, the gang headed to Mexico where they witnessed a brainwashed-looking Sarah being "welcomed" to the family by Carl, they then took Sarah back by force as she protested telling them she belonged there.

Back in California

Sarah loses sleep.

While Sarah was initially angry about having been taken from the Lullaby Project (losing some sleep over it as well), she quickly returned to normal, and soon began a number of illegal projects with Daniel, including breaking into Verdus Pharmaceuticals's offices, helping the community break into Ted McKinley's match.com account, and breaking into Ted McKinley's apartment. After the boys had handed over the memo stolen in that mission to the community and bugged Lucy's car, it was she who saved Daniel and Jonas from an armed Watcher by knocking him out. She then went with the others to William Porter's house block, trying to save Emma a second time, after Lucy had escaped with her the first time.

After Daniel and Jonas rescued both Emma and Gina, the six of them went to a rented cabin near Big Bear Lake. Since then, Sarah seemingly resumed her relationship with Daniel. Although, tension began to run high as a result of Sarah assuming that Jennie was interested in Daniel, they were able to put it behind them and Sarah was said to have been playing beer pong with Gina while Jennie and Jonas got close. Sarah later gave forum members the challenge of figuring out what Gina had drawn. As a result, Sarah suffered another outburst from Daniel, who told her that she had violated Gina's privacy.

The whole gang had to once again relocate when they spotted the Shadow of William Porter following them. Back at the rented house, Sarah shared her room with Gina who stole her sketch paper. After much arguing over Gina's wish to find Bree's adoptive mother, Sarah and Daniel decided to stay behind while Jennie and Jonas decided to take Gina to try to find Bree's mom. The next day, Sarah went to the store, and while there, she was approached by a store clerk who told her a "muscled-out psycho" had been asking about her friends and her. When Sarah got back to the rented house, Daniel yelled at her, saying all she did was put the team at risk.

While Jonas tried to wake up Jennie, TAAG learned that the Shadow found their home and tried to attack Jennie, but the Shadow chased Jennie out of the rented house and was killed. The next day, the group blew off steam at the beach.

Getting Cozy With Carl

Sarah and Carl go out to lunch.

Recently, Sarah revealed that she had slept with Carl while in Mexico, and he wrote her a cheesy love note in Spanish in the book he gave her. It called her his "Sacred Spirit." Not long after she revealed this, Carl showed up and announced that he had left the Hymn of One to be with Sarah. He offers to provide TAAG information if Sarah goes out with him. Sarah contemplates the offer and, to the other's disapproval, accepts. Because of this, everyone becomes hostile towards Sarah, especially Daniel. Feeling guilty after Carl's aid leads to Gina's abduction, Sarah attempts to get information from Carl about Bree's mom, but fails to be convincing as Carl immediately sees what she is doing.

Sarah accompanies the others to Catalina Island, where she uses her conversation skills to distract the owner of Alcombe Antiques while Jonas and Daniel investigate inside. Her visit is cut short, however, as Carl invites her on a real vacation. Sarah, feeling that she is not wanted, accepts, and departs from the group.

Almost two weeks later, after TAAG discovers that there is a hit out on them, they return to the rented house to discover Sarah and Carl drinking Margaritas in festive outfits. Unlike on previous occasions, The others don't act too hostile towards Carl and Sarah, and seemed to have gotten used to the idea that they are together. Sarah and the others decide that the best way to stop Edward Salinas, a politician who is trying to kill them so he can ascend to the level of an Elder in the Hymn of One, is to infiltrate his campaign. During the "audition" process, Sarah makes several suggestive remarks, and the group ultimately decides that Jennie is the best candidate.

After discovering that Emma has been targeted for the Ceremony, Sarah and the others set off to find her. On the way, Daniel reveals that Sarah has stopped taking Carl's calls, but neither of them elaborate. After Emma is safely rescued, she hangs out with Sarah and Gina in the backyard, noting her surprise that Gina and Sarah are "getting along" after the "Daniel drama". Sarah says that they have put that behind them, and that she was happy with Carl "for now". However, her attitude changes when Carl is captured by Salinas. She admits that being around Daniel had confused her, but she believes that she is in love with Carl. She lashes out at Daniel after he points out that Salinas is only using Carl as bait, comparing the situation to that of the effort to rescue Bree.

Picking Up the Pieces

After Emma saves Carl, Sarah apparently talks to him every day. Gina recognizes that was Sarah's way of coping, denial. In her next blog, Sarah suggests a LG15 Prom. After discussion with Daniel and Jonas, Sarah decides on an '80s theme. Daniel asks her to the prom, but she announces she had already asked Carl.

When Sarah arrives at the prom, she admits how terrible Carl's outfit is. He dances with and without Sarah awkwardly, and Sarah is embarrassed in front of everyone. After that, Sarah gets away from Carl briefly, pouring alcohol into the punch. She isn't very interested in the text from Thompson, or the update on Salinas' website. After that, Sarah talks to Daniel, who filmed her and put his hands on her waist and neck. Daniel then says he's stealing Carl's date, until Emma jumps behind him and scares him. Later, Sarah accidentally spills her drink on Carl, while he tries to send an email. When he leaves to clean up in the bathroom, Sarah starts to second-guess her choice of Carl out loud. She asks Daniel to get some punch with her. The two dance until Jonas calls them to a meeting, where they discover Carl betrayed them once again. Once Carl is tied up, Sarah takes Daniel to a room, and the two start to make out. In the background as they kiss, Lucy and Carl run out of the cabin.

Sarah begins to move on.

Sarah ran from prom into the woods, until her legs gave out. Finally, when she found a road, she passed out. When she woke up, someone was taking her to the hospital. She got out of the car, and walked a few miles to a Denny's and called Daniel on a payphone. Him and Jonas came and picked her up. Later, on her next blog, she compliments Gina and says 'she knew her better than anyone else did'. She expresses her anger at Carl for not only killing one of her friends, but also for using her to do it. She tears Carl's note out of Finding the One. The footage then cuts to Sarah at the grill, where she seems even more upset. She talks about how she could return to Texas, while throwing Carl's belonging into the grill, then lighting it all on fire. Daniel and her had gotten even closer since prom, even though Sarah doesn't know where the relationship is going. Over the weekend, Daniel tells Sarah how it's not her fault that Gina died, but she doesn't believe him.

Sarah posted a new blog almost a week after the previous. She explains how she doesn't feel bad about Salinas's suicide, and that he got what he deserved. She thinks it's clear the Order killed him, showing the Order how dangerous TAAG can be. Telling how they captured Carl, she goes on to say that he hasn't said a word since he was captured. She thinks they should starve him, reflecting again on how he used her. Daniel wouldn't let Sarah in the room alone with Carl, afraid she would attack him.

Secrets Revealed

Daniel gets angry with Sarah for what she's done.

LG15: The Resistance

Fun Things To Do in Hiding

After the events on the S.S. Hathor's Song, and Daniel's rejection, Sarah went into hiding in order to protect herself from her vengeful father. She remains inactive online for a couple of weeks, but ultimately caves and posts a MySpace blog asking if anyone is out there (referring to the lack of activity from either TAAG or The Order). She later posts a video on a new YouTube account and tells us that she's been spending the last few weeks watching TV, painting her toes, and playing with her stuffed monkey. She becomes isolated to the point where she writes a story giving her bedroom wall a personality of its own, and mentions that the only thing that cheers her up is "Project Runway". A few days later, she posts another video blog where she revealed that she has been surviving off the money she makes selling old CDs and DVDs.

Sarah posts a third video blog in which she explains how she has stayed healthy. She admits to eating other things besides "Greasy Burgers" and has survived on a diet of Macaroni & Cheese, Ramen noodles, and Grilled Cheese (which she often makes with a hotel room iron). She claims she gets a healthy amount of exercise, but reveals that she spends a great deal of that time tanning, advocating that "Just because you live life on the run doesn't mean you gotta look like a nun." Not long after posting the video, she updates her MySpace blog where she acknowledges that developments have occurred while she's been in hiding, and expresses her desire to help fight the Order. She makes it clear that she doesn't feel the need for redemption, as her actions on the S.S. Hathor's Song was redeeming enough, and says that she's doing this because she wants to. She cites the treatment she has received on the boards, and that many people don't trust her. She says that if "You guys want to call me out, so be it. Just don't be surprised when I call back."


Sarah's attitude has changed a lot during her presence in the series; originally a dark emo/gothic type of character with an extremely slutty side (which, according to Taylor, was "totally an act"), she has lately been seen to be a lot more optimistic, reflecting in a more colorful set of clothes.


  • During the time Sarah was a part of lonelygirl15, she sometimes used her sister Taylor's account soccerstar4ever to post videos. As of August 26, 2008, however, she has acquired her own account, theskyisempty99.
  • According to Taylor, Sarah has a pet ferret who, according to a blog on her MySpace, is named Colossus, after a book. The book in question is most likely a collection of poetry by Sylvia Plath.
  • Many of Sarah's gestures carry sexual connotations; initial opening of her shirt, showing her leg flexibility, rolling her tongue, and tying a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue. This trend of sexual openness is prevalent throughout the series.
  • In her blog she talks frequently about her relationship with a boy named Jay. This is believed to be a reference to former LGPedia admin JayHenry, also known as JayHank.
  • She has an affinity for doughnuts. "I like doughnuts" is a phrase she uses often. In her blog she also mentions she is sad because there is no doughnut store by the new cabin after they rescue Bree.
  • The character of Sarah was created by Glenn Rubenstein. [1] He based her name off of the pseudonym girls often use when calling into the show "Loveline." [2]
  • In the storyline Glenn originally created, Sarah's sister was to be a girl named Molly, instead of Taylor, as she turned out to be.


Sarah means "lady" or "princess" in Hebrew. It was the name of Abraham's wife in the Old Testament. She became the mother of Isaac at the age of 90. Her name was once שָׂרָי (Saray), but God changed it (Genesis 17:15). [3].


Be sure to check out some theories about Sarah.

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