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First Appearance
Last Appearance
Do you know Bree?
shes dead now.
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Age Deceased
Portrayed by Renee G.

Aima Rogers a.k.a. Aima is a character in the itscassie video series. She made her first appearance as Cassie's roommate in Do you know Bree?. In it, she claimed that her parents were gone and that the Order allowed her to stay at the complex because she had always been faithful to the religion. However, this seemed odd to Cassie, who knew that Aima was actually part of a cult. Aima became determined to prove that the Order was benevolent, and helped Cassie dye her hair and pretend to be her. That plan backfired, though, when Cassie found a medical ID for Aima.

Cassie's suspicions of Aima increased when Cassie found a mysterious girl in the complex. Cassie attempted to question Aima about this, but Aima did her best to cover it up.

Aima was eventually outed as a medical examiner for the Order when Cassie found her diary with strange medical notes in it. Aima admitted that she was the one who sewed Cassie up after her surgery, but said that the diary was planted and she never actually made those notes about her. Cassie remained distrustful of Aima and was further disturbed when The Freaky Girl gave her a surveillance tape in which Aima was revealed to have been working for the Medical Science Technology Faction of the Order for the past four years. In it, she says that she will "properly discard" of Cassie personally.

In shes dead now., Cassie murders Aima before she can murder her.


  • Aima is portrayed by the same person as itscassie.
  • In Camera 03, it was revealed that Aima's full name is Aima Rogers.

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