Behind The Scenes - Part 1

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Itscassie Video BTS-2
Behind The Scenes - Part 1

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Your questions answered

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted July 17th, 2007
Description I received so many questions, I couldn't fit it all into one video without it being an hour long, so there will be several of these to come. Sorry I tend to ramble alot, I'm not used to talking to a camera as myself. Hope you enjoy, I have much more to share with you. ~Rey
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Behind The Scenes - Part 1 is the second video in the Behind The Scenes aspect of the itscassie video series.


Rey: Well, I promised that I was going to answer some of your questions, so that's exactly what I'm going to do!

Text: Questions are answered in the order of which they were asked, things asked twice were combined, video responses were answered first.

Rey: "What were the Elders saying about Jonas?" I believe this question refers to one of the videos where Cassie says she heard the Elders talking about Jonas.

(Cuts to scene from Investigating.)

Cassie: I think you should be asking yourself, "How well do I really know Jonas?"

(Cuts back to Rey sitting at her desk.)

Rey: She was kind of warning Bree like... Jonas may be kind of ehhh.

Text: maybe kinda what?

Rey: You know, I don't know what the Elders were saying about Jonas. Only Cassie knows. And that was honestly just a ploy to sound like I'm part of the storyline. Which I did a lot. I didn't want to be canon, I just wanted to make it look like I was. Just so the viewers could make more sense of how the stories intertwined and whatnot.

Text: surrrre...

Rey: "So, why did the Order take Cassie?" Well, the whole storyline is that Cassie...

Text: (the storyline I made up)

Rey: ...was friends with Bree in high school, they hung out. They were BFFs forever! But Cassie got a little curious about Bree's religion, a little too curious.

Text: oooooo!

Rey: And she used her little computer to do a little research, and she hit some sites she wasn't supposed to go on.

Text: porn?

Rey: And the Order found out about this and was like, "Uh uh. Cassie."

Text: oh no you didnt! *snap*

Rey: "You know too much, we have to kidnap you now." So they took Cassie because she was... they took Cassie because she pissed off the Order because she was lookin' at all their secret internet things! I mean, that's the story I came up with.

Text: solid right? lol

Rey: And they wanted to protect that information, so they protected it by kidnapping Cassie. And rather than killing her, they decided to use her as a ploy to get Bree back, at the time. But when they realized that Cassie was no help in luring Bree back to the Order, that's when they decided to use Cassie as their test subject. Pretty much. How do I come up with these things -- I have no idea.

(Cuts to a deleted scene from Freaky Girl.)

Cassie: I need to talk to some one. And I think I know just the girl.

(Cuts back to Rey sitting at her desk.)

Rey: Was Cassie at the Hymn of One seminar?

Text: O.O

Rey: Was she? I know I wasn't there, but if Cassie was there, I sure wish I was there to see it. Because that would be cool. "Whatever happened to Cassie's parents?"

Text: (too many slurpies)

Rey: Yeah... you know, that kind of is a mystery, because in the show, it's a mystery. What really happened with Bree's parents? What about Jonas's parents? It was just this whole "parent theme" going on with all the characters. So with Cassie, I figured, pfft, Cassie has parent issues as well! And I even showed her mom...

Text: how convienent!

Rey: ...which is actually a picture of my mom, that's Photoshopped to kind of look like Bree. So it's a picture of my mom, except it's manipulated to not look like my mom, but I just added the mom in the story because...

Text: moms are cool!

Rey: ...I just wanted to be parallel to the actual lonelygirl15 storyline. At the time that video was released, Bree was talkin' about her mom. So it seemed only appropriate that I talk about my mom.

(Cuts to a deleted scene from Depression, in which Cassie is on the bed. A cat is noticable on the lower left corner of the screen.)

Text: <<< cat!?

Cassie: "Dear Cassie... Dear Cassie, I'm writing this because we all miss you."

(Cuts back to Rey sitting at her desk.)

Rey: "Why did she have to die?"

Text: X.X

Rey: Ummm, do you mean Aima?

(Cuts to a blooper from Camera 03)

Rey as Aima: Hell, I thought it was recording.

(Cuts back to Rey sitting at her desk.)

Rey: Or Cassie? Because see, we don't really know if Cassie died. Let's not jump to conclusions here. Cassie may not be gone. We don't know. All we saw was her fall to the ground and be captured.

(Cuts to blooper from runaway. Cassie is lying on the ground.)

Rey as Cassie: You hurt me!

Male Voice (Greg): Sorry!

(Cuts back to Rey sitting at her desk.)

Rey: And that whole ending, the point to it, is to make your own ending. If you want Cassie to be with the Order for the rest of her life and stricken of all video cameras, then that's what happened. If you want Cassie to be beatened to death right there and then...

Text: yeah!

Rey: ...that's what happened. It's a make your own ending ending. Which is how I wanted to leave the story out from the start. I wanted it to just be a mystery from beginning to end. You know, what happened to Cassie? And some day, someone might stumble upon Cassie and be like, "Omg, Cassie you're free." You never know. I'm tellin' ya. Years from now, I might pop up out of nowhere and be like (whipsers) "It's Cassie."

(Cuts to scene from Investigating.)

Cassie: I did manage a little something.

Text: Part 2 coming soon...
-more behind the scenes footage
-more questions answered!


  • This is the first itscassie video to contain tags other than "itcassie."

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