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Itscassie Video 0033

Never stop running.

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted June 14th, 2007
Description I've made too many mistakes. Goodbye, Bree.
YouTube Tags itscassie
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runaway. is the thirty-third video in the itscassie video series.


(Cassie stuffs clothes into a bag. She walks down a hallway and puts on a pair of sunglasses. She opens a door. Cuts to Cassie running through a wooded area.)

Cassie: (In voice-over) I ran as far away as I could from that place. I had to leave all of the mystery behind, it wasn't worth risking my life. After what I had done to Aima, I knew the Order wouldn't waste another opportunity to kill me.

(Cassie slows down. She looks around nervously and continues.)

Cassie: (In voice-over) After a while, I began to feel safe.

(Cassie rubs her head, as though she has a headache.)

Cassie: (In voice-over) I felt free again. It almost felt so easy.

(Cuts to Cassie sitting down.)

Cassie: (In voice-over) I knew something was wrong.

(The music becomes sinister. Cassie continues walking and then looks over her shoulder.)

Cassie: (In voice-over) Bree, I have one last bit of advice for you.

(Cassie speeds up her pace. She trips and falls on her face. A mysterious figure comes and takes her away.)

Cassie: (In voice-over) Never stop running.


  • Presumably the member of the Order who re-kidnapped Cassie filmed the video, as the camera is never seen in Cassie's hands.
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