Camera 03

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Itscassie Video 0031
Camera 03

I, however, will personally ensure that the subject is discarded appropriately.

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted May 15th, 2007
Description That strange girl from the closet snuck over and gave me this surveilance tape of Aima's meeting today.

Looks like I don't have much time...

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Camera 03 is the thirty-first video in the itscassie video series. Cassie shows us footage of Aima that the Freaky Girl gave to her.


(Aima is standing a room, wearing a medical ID, and the words camera 03 are displayed in the bottom right corner.)

Aima: Welcome, members of the Medical Science Technology Faction. My name is Aima Rogers, and I have been the head of this organization for four years now. I called this meeting regarding Subject 101206, Cassie. Due to recent happenings, we are forced to halt any procedings regarding this subject. And the plan will no longer be enforced. She will be properly terminated. Now, I know several of you, especially myself, have been fighting off this option. I've made some miraculous discoveries while rooming with Cassie, and where some of our tests may be elsewhere considered inappropriate, a thanks is in order for the Elders' support in this program. Furthermore, I expect two of our bests to take the final blood sample. (Aima raises her hand to her chest) I, however, will personally ensure that the subject is discarded appropriately.


  • Despite Aima's assurance that she knows nothing of the medical terms, it appears she has been the head of the Medical Science Technology Faction of the Order for four years.
  • This video reveals that Aima's last name is Rogers.
  • In Aima's diary, there was a note scribbled that said "THE ORDER: MSTUnit." These letters are now understood to stand for Medical Science Technology.
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