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Itscassie Video 0013

We just got a letter; I wonder who it's from?

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted January 1st, 2007
Description I found something interesting hidden in my room, and my parents have got it all wrong.
YouTube Tags itscassie
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Depression is the thirteenth video in the itscassie series. This video was posted in response to The Unthinkable Happened. Cassie finds a letter from her mother Diane.


(Most of this video is partial closeups of Cassie's face in shadow. She spends much of the video crying as she delivers the dialogue.)

Cassie: I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel so depressed, I've made so many mistakes. One being that I didn't run away when the deacons were gone. I mean, I feel like such an idiot! I went outside, I coulda just ran. I see you met up with your dad, Bree. I knew it was gonna be a trap. And I can't believe they went as far as to fire a weapon! This has all gotten so outta hand. I'm not alone in the house anymore. I might as well be. Even though me and my family weren't that close, I still miss them. I remember one year, on New Year's Eve, (spooky version of the Barney theme song starts) me, my brother, and my sister, and my parents, we all yelled, "Happy New Year" together. I don't have that many happy childhood memories. (closeup on a tear running down Cassie's face) I was such a bad kid, it's probably best I'm locked up here.

(Cassie reaches for a tissue and finds an envelope taped to the bottom of the tissue box)

Cassie: (faintly) What is this?

(She removes the envelope. There is what appears to be some Enochian writing on the front.)

Cassie: What is this?

(She opens the envelope and removes a crumpled piece of paper. The music changes again, to something with a more tense and sinister tone.'')

Cassie: It's a letter for me. It says: (As Cassie reads, she proceeds to get more and more emotional, and the music continues to shift to a darker and darker tone) "Dear Cassie, I'm writing this because we all miss you. More importantly, I want to know--I want you to know I forgive you for everything. I can't help but feel responsible for how you turned out. I know you joined a cult. Me and your father saw the research on your computer. I wish we could have talked through some things before you moved away. You could have at least told us you were leaving. Cassie, we all care about you, and we know you're probably happier with your new family. They treat you well there? I do have one question for you: why didn't you take all your stuff? Your sister thinks it's so we wouldn't know you were leaving. Of course, she also thinks you worship Aleister Crowley with your cult friends. Please Cassie, just give us a sign that you're alright. Love, Diane."

(Cassie looks right into the camera, overwhelmed with tears.)

Cassie: Mom, I'm not alright!


  • Cassie calls her Mom by her name, Diane.
  • Cassie's family thinks Cassie is with the Order by choice.
  • Cassie has a brother and a sister.

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