The Freaky Girl

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Freaky Girl
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Freaky Girl
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Age Unknown
Portrayed by Renee G.

Freaky Girl is a character in the itscassie video series. Cassie first comes across her as she explores the complex in which she is being held. Freaky Girl appears to be terrified when Cassie finds her. When Cassie confronts Aima about this girl, though, Aima claims that Cassie is making her up. Later, we find out that Aima has known about this girl all along. Aima refers to her, in her diary, as "the girl from Plan B". Cassie ends up going back to Freaky Girl's closet to ask her some questions. Freaky Girl warns Cassie about Aima, saying that Aima is a murderer. She gives Cassie a suspicious surveillance tape to back up her claims.

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Cast Renee G.
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