Behind The Scenes - Part 3

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Itscassie Video BTS-4
Behind The Scenes - Part 3

I gave everyone a dancing cow!

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted July 20th, 2007
Description Remember cassieiswatching!? I sure do! I answer more of your questions and show more never before seen footage! Hope you enjoy! ~Rey

P.S.- sorry this took so long, I was having ALOT of computer issues

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Behind The Scenes - Part 3 is the fourth video in the Behind The Scenes aspect of the itscassie video series.


Text: Questions are answered in the order of which they were asked, things asked twice were combined, video responses were answered first.

Rey: Why did I start the project? Well, I was a huge cassieiswatching follower, let me tell you.

(Cuts to Cassie repeatedly saying "I was here," cassieiswatching's catch-phrase. Then cuts back to Rey.)

Rey: Well, if it wasn't for cassieiswatching, I probably wouldn't have even watched lonelygirl15. That one video where the bag drops into the water where they shot that Swimming! video, it still gives me the creeps at night! When I close my eyes and think about it, I can't sleep, it scares me. And, once cassieiswatching moved to Second Life, I was there. And, oh funny story, I actually was around Second Life for almost a year before cassieiswatching posted a video. I actually just logged off that and went onto YouTube, and was immediately like, (snaps) Second Life! Ohmygod. I was just there. So I was one of the followers there.

(Screenshot of Rey and Cassieiswatching from Second Life, saying "ign: Rey Shalala")

Rey: I was the one who gave everyone a dancing cow. Yeah, that's right. That was me.

(Screenshot of Second Lifers riding dancing cows.)

Rey: And, you know, we had a lot of fun, just stalking her in the virtual world and just watching her do nothing. But it was so interesting. And I don't know if that was just some viral marketing tool, or what, but I still hope that cassieiswatching will come back, because that's the whole reason I started mine, was because I missed it so much. I was just like, someone needs to fill the Cassie void, why not me? That was basically it. But, something I really didn't want to do was I didn't want to be her. I sort of led people, at points, to think that maybe I was her, but it was pretty obvious that I was not.

(Another Second Life screenshot.)

Rey: Some of you were curious as to my theory about who was behind the cassieiswatching videos. I originally was convinced that it was the Creators' baby. That they made cassieiswatching, but they're going to deny that it's theirs because they all want us to believe that it was fan made in order to encourage us to make other fan made things.

Text: sneaky creators!

Rey: And, you know, I think it's an interesting theory, it may be true. I don't care how many times they try to deny it. I'm still going to think they maybe had a part in it. And if it's not the Creators, then I don't know. I think Nikki B. is a little suspicious, don't you? She has a lot of ins there, I don't know. But, you know, I really think it was the Creators way of saying look, there's this character Cassie. We're going to talk about her, but we're never going to show her. And we want one of the fans to take her over and become Cassie. I mean, it's the ultimate fan interaction, right? It seemed like a smart idea to me. So I think that's where they were going with that.

(Cuts to Cassie rubbing her face from sneaking out. Text says "???" Then cuts back to Rey.)

Rey: Will I continue making videos or videos with Greg? Some of you kind of found me out, that I have another YouTube channel. It's 1GregRey.

Text: 1GregRey

Rey: And that's with my best friend Greg. And we do weird, silly videos, that probably aren't entertaining anyways. And we don't post that often, but some of you discovered my identity from there. And yeah, that channel is going to remain alive and well for some time to come. So if you want to subscribe to that, you can see me over there. Most of them right now are pretty old, but I assure you that there will be new ones eventually. So yeah, if you really like me that much, watch that channel, because yeah, that's where the fun is.

(Cuts to Cassie rubbing her face from sneaking out, this time wearing her blue wig. Text says "????????????" Then cuts back to Rey.)

Rey: One of you wanted to know if someone helped me with the scene splice. You're referring to when I first introduced Aima, I had a scene with me and Aima on the other side.

(Cuts to scene from Do you know Bree?, showing both Cassie and Aima with an obvious line down the middle of the screen.)

Aima: This is um...

Cassie: I know. Hi, I'm Cassie.

Aima: Hi, I'm Aima. Do we have to have the camera on?

Cassie: Oh, I hope you don't mind. I kind of keep like a video diary thing. It helps me stay busy. Kinda.

Aima: Oh.

Cassie: So, Aima.

(Back to Rey.)

Rey: So I did that myself. And it was my first time experimenting with that kind of shot. And the hardest thing to do was to act when no one's there and to look in the right spot and then to have then to have them look back and talk back at the right timing. I mean, I don't have the best editing tools, I don't have the best computer. I just worked with what I had. And I just had to make the whole scene so white in that yellowish tone just to hide the fact that there was a line, there was just this very dim line. And to make it really bright kind of just hid the line, and it gave me the idea that whenever Aima was going to be on, it would be bright and happy. Because that's kind of how the story went, you know. Aima was kind of a light for Cassie. Like, you know, I finally have a friend and I'm not in a dark room anymore all alone. And, you know, that was really interesting. I got really good at the scenes. And I did a really good job my second time, although this whole scene was really dark, you could barely tell.

(Cuts to scene from Hiding Something?)

Cassie: She doesn't believe me. But I saw her. And she was terrified. And I was terrified. Aima, how can you know nothing about this? There must be something you're not telling me.

(Back to Rey.)

Rey: Why did you lose the wig? Well, I know a lot of you didn't expect the wig to be bright blue.

Text: Part 4 coming soon with more answers to your questions!


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