Stolen Goods

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Itscassie Video 0014
Stolen Goods

Cassie channels Matthew Lesko.

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted January 8th, 2007
Description I'm in a really good mood! With my plan, I think I can actually get out of here!
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Stolen Goods is the fourteenth video in the itscassie series. Cassie looks at the bright side of living with the Order.


(Although this video is physically as dark as the other itscassie videos, the tone is quite a bit lighter. Cassie smiles a lot and seems perhaps even giddy, although she still whispers.)

Cassie: I think I have some explaining to do. I've made living with the Order here sound like Hell, but really, it's not bad at all. Taking a look at my room, for example: I have a TV, a very uncomfortable bed--but a bed nonetheless. I even have a computer. It's not supposed to have Internet access but...I've guessed my way into someone's connection. I'm not allowed to leave my room, but as you all know, I've snuck out multiple times. I just feel lucky to have an almost normal room here. This camera though? (close-up of Cassie's big grin) Stole it! They have this room here...with tons of cameras and monitors and all the crazy spy stuff you can imagine. Some of the cameras are as small as pen caps! There's this other room with all kinds of disguises. Like wigs. (Cassie gives a knowing smile.) That's where I found this. (Cassie holds up a large object that appears to be a wig) It was part of my disguise, but whoever went through my room decided to take some scissors to it. (Cassie holds up the wig, and makes "scissors" with her her index and middle finger, miming cutting the wig.)
Lately I've been busy playing an old favorite game of mine. It's called "pickpocket", and it's really easy to play when no one's wearing the clothes. (Cassie holds up various bundles of cash.) It's all part of my plan, and here's the inspiration for it: (Cassie holds up a photo of a woman in sunglasses) That's Diane, my mother! I'm not alright, and thanks to her, I've realized I can't just sit alone in the dark scared every night. I need to take action! That's why I also stole these: (Cassie holds up some keys and jingles them.) I haven't decided if I should jump out the window, or run for the door. What do you think?

(The picture fades to black and a white question mark appears.)


  • They're tweakers!
    User:VoyBoy, who has created a number of itscassie parodies, created a parody of this video called "Stolen Greats" that seems to imply Cassie's more upbeat attitude in this video was due to her being on methamphetamines.
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