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Itscassie Video 0023
Video Blog Virgin

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How does she do that?

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted March 19th, 2007
Description Hey its Aima! Cassie still isn't back...maybe she ran away?
YouTube Tags itscassie
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Video Blog Virgin is the twenty-fourth video in the itscassie video series. Aima makes sort of a video blog while Cassie is pretending to be Aima.


(Video opens with music. We see Aima stood in a doorway with Cassie sat on the edge of her bed. She removes what appears to be a towel from her head and flicks her hair.)

(Aima removes her shades and hands them to Cassie out of shot. The same thing happens with Aima giving Cassie a bobble hat. The music then stops.)

Cassie: This was a bad idea. They're never gonna fall for this!

Aima: Yes they will, you look just like me.

Cassie: Well, keep it rolling while I'm gone.

(Cassie leaves, music stops)

(Aima sits on bed and stares at camera)

Aima: I've never... video blogged before.

(Crazy Remix by Gnarls Barkley plays while Aima immitates actions from Bree's first video blog, such as jumping on the bed and moving an invisible piece of string through her lips.)

Aima: How does she do that? I prefer writing in my diary.

(Music continues to play as Aima rests on bed writing in her diary. She changes position frequently.)

Aima: Cassie's been gone a long time, and I'm bored.

(Aima reaches into a bookshelf, takes out a photograph and holds it up to the camera)

Aima: Cassie showed me this picture of her mom, she wouldn't tell me how she got it. I know if I carried around a picture of my mom, it would at least be centered, and she would be smiling, and at least looking at the camera.


  • Much of this blog is a reference to Bree's video 'First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails'
  • It is unclear where Cassie was able to get the blonde hair dye.
  • As of yet, this is the only itscassie blog to not have migrated to Revver. Presumably this is because the blog was made by Aima in Cassie's absence.

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