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Itscassie Video BTS-1
itscassie-BTS intro

Want to see behind the scenes of "itscassie"?

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted June 17th, 2007
Description itscassie-Behind The Scenes intro. Comment, Message, or make a video response for any/all your questions!
YouTube Tags itscassie
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itscassie-BTS intro is the first video in the Behind The Scenes aspect of the itscassie video series.


(Shot of Cassie in the dark.)

Text: ^ No wig

(Shot of Cassie from um, hi bree.)

Cassie: Hi Bree.. It's me.. Cassie. I've been watching all your videos.

Text: ^ Wig.

Text: Want to see behind the scenes of "itscassie"?

(Shot from Hiding Something?. Shot of Cassie from Nightmare, wearing her wig. The lighting is better than the original video, and it is clear that the wig is blue.)

Cassie: Your parents are gone.

Text: Got a question???

(Shot of Cassie taken from the same day as Bree, don't be scared.)

Cassie: (Whispering) Where'd I put my cookie?

Text: Leave a comment, send a message, or make a video!

Text: nothing will go unanswered!

(Shots of Cassie from Stolen Goods.)

Text: All will be revealed!!

(Shot of Cassie as The Freaky Girl from Freaky Girl in better lighting.)

Text: month...

(Shot of Cassie in Escape Attempt (Part I) with better lighting.)

Text: R.I.P. itscassie Nov. 10 '06 - Jun.14 '07


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