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Itscassie Video 0008

Sometimes I dream about a new wig...

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted December 11th, 2006
Description I think I will be ok, will you?
YouTube Tags itscassie
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nightmare is the eighth video in the itscassie video series. It was posted in response to Back Home. A mysterious man appears outside of Cassie's doorway.


(Scenes of Cassie in bed and feet outside the door with eerie music. Invert of black and white, which then showes a hand on Cassie's mouth. Cassie wakes up)

Cassie: Was just a dream.. I've actually been able to sleep lately. But everytime I fall asleep I have a bad dream. Sometimes they're about you, sometimes they're about me, but they're always nightmares. I'm glad you're staying with Jonas. A lot of us left t.. A lot of the.. A lot of.. A bunch of the elders left yesterday to look for you. So I decided to explore a bit. Your parents are gone. I don't know where they went, maybe they were moved to a different room but I checked almost everyone here. I don't want you to worry Bree. There's still a good chance they're alive. Daniel's in trouble. Leaving Bree could cost you your life. (pauses) There's a... There's someone.. There's someone right outside my door.. (She pauses again. Cut to the door where feet are visible again. Cut to Cassie. Weird noises. Cassie jumps in her bed. The door slowly is opened by mysterious person outside of Cassie's door. Black out)


  • Many have found that the dream section is not in the style of the Creators, indicating that itscassie is not an official character.
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