Unsolved Mysteries

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Itscassie Video 0025
Unsolved Mysteries

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What does this even mean?

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted March 26th, 2007
URL revver.com
Description From the looks of Aima's nametag, shes a doctor's assistant. None of this is making any sense, and as usual, I know more than I should.
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Unsolved Mysteries is the twenty-fifth video in the itscassie video series. Cassie finds a medical ID with Aima's name on it.


Cassie: It's Cassie. Being Aima for a day was pretty boring. Aima seems to be a bit of a joke to the rest of the Order. When I came back, Aima was shocked I didn't run away. But I've learned something important from her. If I were to run away, where would I go? I mean, just like Aima I have no family to run back to.

There's such a big mystery here and I don't wanna leave before I figure it all out. I plan at sneaking around late at night when everyone's sleeping. And this time I 'll bring the camera. I saw another girl. She looked around my age and she was being dragged into a room. I have to check that out.

Me dressing up as Aima wasn't for nothing. I did find this (holding up a name tag of some sort. There's a photo of Aima on the front and THE ORDER in mirror writing.) It obviously belongs to Aima. I don't know how to bring this up to her. What does this even mean? She is gone a lot and I have no clue what she's doing.


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Cast Renee G.
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