shes dead now.

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Itscassie Video 0032
shes dead now.

Itscassie shes dead now.jpg
Cassie makes sure to "properly dispose" of Aima.

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted May 28th, 2007
Description It had to be done.
YouTube Tags itscassie
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shes dead now. is the thirty-second video in the itscassie video series.


(The voices in this video echo multiple times.)

Aima: It's Cassie. I kidnapped her yesterday.

(A hand flicks a cigarette lighter on. Then lights a candle.)

Aima: She knows too much. Keep her in there until we figure something out.

(Cuts to a hand picking petals off of a rose.)

Aima: This doesn't shatter first. I have an experiment.

(Cuts back to candle, which is flickering in the wind.)

Aima: Killing her won't do any good.

(Fades back to the hand picking petals off of the rose.)

Aima: She's posting videos now. That gives us an edge.

(The hand snaps the rose stem in half. Cuts back to the candle, which is blown out.)

Aima: We have successfully altered subject 1B's DNA using Cassie's.

(Cuts back to the hand, which is now holding a butcher's knife.)

Aima: I think it's safe to use on me now. She should come live with me. I'll convince her to leave. We have no use for her anymore. She found the other subject. Our only option now is to kill her.

(The hand holding the knife leaves. The screen fades to a scared shot of Aima's face. Cuts to Cassie holding the knife. There is a shot of Aima screaming in terror.)


  • While the voice heard in the video seems to indicate that Aima killed Cassie, it becomes clear by the end that Cassie actually ended up murdering Aima.
  • This video explains that the reason Cassie, Aima, and the Freaky Girl all look alike is because the Order used Cassie's DNA to alter Aima and the Freaky Girl's appearances.
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