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Itscassie Video 0021
Deleted Scene

Ketchup: It's not just for french fries anymore!

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted February 13th, 2007
Description Faking an injury works even outside of gym class, but the consequences are drastically different.
YouTube Tags itscassie
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Deleted Scene is the twenty-first video in the Itscassie video series. Cassie explains her last two videos.


Cassie: The tape I'm about to show you was never meant to be seen. I can't tell you how I got my hands on it.

(Footage of Cassie getting placed in a chair and getting her hands tied. An unknown man talks to her)

Man: Think we didn't notice your little trick? Now this time you're gonna do it right!

Cassie: Oh! It's bleeding! It's bleeding!

Voice: Damnit she just had surgery!

(Cassie gets tossed into a room)

Man:You're staying in here now. Maybe a roommate will do you good.

Cassie: (holding up a package of ketchup): I never realized how handy these can be. (smiles)

(rubbing her wrist) It really hurts, like it is something in here. Like a tracking device or something. So I'm just laying around in this new room. For..

Man 2: (harshly) Hey! Gimme that camera!

(He tries to take the camera away from her)

Cassie: No! Let me keep it! Let me keep it!

Voice: Just let her keep it. It doesn't matter now.

Cassie: I wonder if Bree is even looking for me. This building is so big and... I don't recognize any of that footage. I don't even think it's the same building. I mean, for all I know there could be different Orders around the world. Buildings just like this, with girls in dark rooms and nothing to do. It's pretty lonely in here. I mean I never really got a chance to watch that tape or unlock that diary. Maybe it belonged to my new roommate, I don't know. At least I know they're not gonna want to deal with me anymore. I have become a bad thing. Because now they don't need me. What are they gonna do? Kill me?

Morse code: -.--

Cassie: She's here.

Text: good things happen to those who wait.


  • The Morse code at the end -.-- is for the letter Y. This is the fifth and last video to end with a single morse code letter, the short message apparently being "ENEMY"

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