Behind The Scenes - Part 5

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Itscassie Video BTS-6
Behind The Scenes - Part 5

I hear I suck quite good.

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted August 10th, 2007
Description Yes! It's finally over!!! The LAST behind the scenes video! phew! One final thank you to everyone who watched, I really, seriously appreciate it, and you all make me sooooo happy!!! ~Rey
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Behind The Scenes - Part 5 is the sixth video in the Behind The Scenes aspect of the itscassie video series.


Text: Questions are answered in the order of which they were asked, things asked twice were combined, video responses were answered first.

Rey: How did you first find the lonelygirl15 series? Well, I finally got rid of my dumb dial-up and finally got some RoadRunner going on. And I finally went on the internet and the first site I went on was YouTube. And the first video I ever saw was Poor Pluto. I saw it on the most viewed, or most discussed or something, and I clicked on it, and I watched it. And I thought that is soo cool, I could so do a video like that. And then I went down and read comments and found a very large debate about is she real/is she fake. And this happened to be about two days before she was officially exposed as an actress. And when I saw all that debate... is she real/is she fake, I went back and watched every single one of her videos in one day. And, I thought she was real. (laughs) I thought, you know, I see why people would see she's fake. But, I wanted her to be real. And if she was fake, then great. And once I found out she was fake, I was just in awe, and amazed, and it really opened a whole new window of possibilities to everyone to see that something like this could be so successful. So it was a good thing. Did you ever have contact with the LG15 Creators? You know, I can't say I have, really. I've never talked to the Creators or anything. They've never talked to me, I've never talked to them. Um, end of story. I mean, what's there to talk about really? I don't know? Who is the girl in the closet and please explain Aima. Why did they kill her? Well, Cassie killed Aima because Aima was going to kill Cassie. And Cassie knew she had to make a run for it, and Aima was her obstacle. And she did something very out of character by killing her, and she just ran with it. The girl in the closet was the girl before Cassie. Before Cassie was there, there was the girl in the closet. And before Cassie was there, the girl in the closet got the mistreatment. The girl in the closet got the shots, she got all kinds of crazy experiments done on her, and now she stays in the closet, because she's so afraid. And once they started using Cassie for these things, they sort of abandoned the girl in the closet, and she's too afraid to even leave there.

(Cuts to Rey setting up the camera as Cassie. Cuts back to Rey.)

Rey: Please explain why you suck so bad. Actually, I hear I suck quite good. Ahahaha. What did you think of the "is she canon" stuff? I thought it was funny. I thought it was funny that people thought is she canon. You know, it's a pat on the back, a little. That people thought I was good enough to be canon. But at the same time, I didn't like that people thought I was trying to be canon. Because, I didn't want to be canon. I knew I would never be canon. It was just something I made for fun. And I made it, and continued to make it because there were a few people that really liked it, and there was a lot of people who really didn't like it. But that doesn't really matter. What matters is that there were a few people who did. That's who I made it for. And canon or not, I just made it. I didn't expect to be canon, I didn't want to mess with their story, or get in their way or anything. I mean, I felt bad as it is, just posting videos and having people thinking I'm canon. I felt like oh, I'm going to mess up their story, and I really didn't want to do that. What did I think about the "Is she Jessica Rose in a wig portraying a dark, scary, schizophrenic Cassie person?" Well, that would have been great, if that's how the real story was, but I don't think that's how it was. But you know, the fact that people thought I was Jessica Rose was really amusing to me. You know, I made a video, when she first was outed, and I was pretending to be her. And then me and Greg also did a parody where I was playing her. But if you think I look like her, then you should see my sister.

(Cuts to Rey's sister.)

Rey's sister: Her name is Bree, and she is lonely.

Text: LMAO!!!

Rey's sister: I'm just her sister.

(Cuts back to Rey.)

Rey: Someone made a comment about the video I found alot of weird stuff., and how that seemed to be a turning point in my style. I seemed more comfortable with the character, I knew where the character was going. And, it's true. That's around the time where I started taking it seriously. Realizing that I could really do things with this, why not, you know. I have nothing better to do, right? Although, at times I did have better things to do, but I was just like, "oh I'd rather make a video." So I did put a few things aside there to make a video sometimes. But it was fun. And once I started taking it seriously and putting the effort into it, it was a lot more rewarding watch it and read the comments. You were never really caught lurking on the LG forums. Did you have a name and just hide, or what? Well, when they first introduced the site, I did have a name that was just Rey. After that, I didn't make a name. I didn't really post on there, and I did check there just now and then to see what people were talking about me. But, you know, I didn't really make a name, or make any postings, or get too into it, really. I mainly stuck with the comments on the actual videos. Do you really like itskassie? And of course, the itskassie is the itskassie with a K, which is the little spoofs about my itscassie series. Uh, well, I didn't really like the itskassie with a K. I loved the itskassie with a K! Oh, I loved it! You know, for a while, I was actually trying to give him material to make fun of, because I enjoyed it so much. I thought it was hilarious, so. Loved itskassie! I didn't just like it. Are you single? No, I'm not single. That's why the ring is on my finger. (Holds up left hand.) I'm not married, though. Yet. Trying to get married. But I'm kind of broke. Did you have a plotline mapped out all along, or did you change things as you went on? Well, much like I believe the lonelygirl15 story is, I know exactly it's going to end, but the in between stuff, I'm just kind of going to make it up.

(Cuts to Cassie raising her eyebrows and looking around. Cuts back to Rey.)

Rey: I just want to give one final thank you to anyone who's ever commented on my vidoes -- good or bad. Or just a thank you in general for everyone for watching and joining me on my crazy fanfic adventure. Really, everyone. Thanks for watching. And thanks for having fun with me. And just being cool. Just thanks guys, really. I consider every single one of you to be my friends. So thank you all. And you won't see the last of me! (Nods)


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