Escape Attempt (Part II)

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Itscassie Video 0016
Escape Attempt (Part II)

I failed.

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted January 16th, 2007
Description One plan, And people have implanted detection. I have failed. I am confused, alone, hopeless, and lost.
YouTube Tags itscassie
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Escape Attempt (Part II) is the sixteenth video in the itscassie series. It was posted in response to Escape Attempt (Part I). A doctor performs surgery on a fainted Cassie.


(All dialogue is back-masked, and there are several voices.)

(We see the last few seconds of the previous video, and as Cassie opens the door, an alarm goes off. The words "SECURITY DEVICE ACTIVATED" flash on the screen.)

Voice: What's she doing here?

(A red light flashes. Cut to Cassie slumped against the door. Cut to some wilted roses.)

Voice: She's probably hallucinating.

(Cut to the red light again.)

Voice: Take away the key.

(Cut to Cassie, lying down.)

Voice: What should we do with her?

(Cassie's eyelids flutter, but she does not appear to regain consciousness.)

Voice: I'll go get the others.

(Cut to a medicine bottle. Cut to a sink in a dark room.)

Voice: Don't let her wake up.

Voice: Why don't we just get rid of her?

(Cut back to Cassie.)

Voice: We can't, we're not done with her.

Is the Order operating on Cassie?
(A face in a surgical mask flashes on the screen for a fraction of a second.)

Voice: No, don't use that.

(Cut to a pile of syringes.)

Voice: Watch out for any movement.

(Cut briefly to some sort of medical equipment, then back to Cassie. Cut to the sink.)

Voice: Yeah, let's do that.

(Cut to Cassie as she sits up. Cut back to the sink. Cut to Cassie's face, now upright. Cut to red light.)

Voice: Okay, do it now.

(Cut to wilted roses. A hand caresses them.)

Voice: No, don't use that.

(Cut to view of strange shape, then fade to black.)

Voice: Alright, throw her back into the room.

(The words "let her keep the camera." appear on the screen.)


  • This is the first itscassie video to feature color.
  • Stitches?
    A fan has suggested that the last thing seen in the video is a small surgical incision with three stitches.
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