I found alot of weird stuff.

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Itscassie Video 0012
I found alot of weird stuff.

itscassie: all done with mirrors

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted December 27th, 2006
URL revver.com
Description When the deacons are away, Cassie will play.
YouTube Tags itscassie
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I found alot of weird stuff. is the twelfth video in the itscassie series. This video, posted in response to Bree's Gone, is a further departure in style from previous itscassie videos. Cassie finds that the Deacons are away.


(The music in this video is very loud, making it sometimes difficult to make out the dialogue. The video opens with a closeup on half of Cassie's face. She is no longer wearing the wig, and her eye darts about for about five seconds. Cut to an outdoor scene, where rain can be seen and heard falling on gravel. The camera zooms in to darkness then fades to Cassie's face.)

Cassie: The house is empty. I don't know where they went. I haven't seen them since they all left for the meeting. All I know is, someone went through my room, and they ruined all of my stuff. (The music gets louder, and there is a short cut to an object in the dark, then back to Cassie.) My wig is gone. (Cut to a montage of dark scenes with odd shapes, including many shots of Cassie with a flashlight, sometimes in front of a mirror.) I found a lot of weird stuff. (Cut to more mysterious shapes in the dark, a hallway in which Cassie peeks repeatedly around corners.) I even went outside to try and figure out where I'm located. (Cut to camera pointed at muddy ground along a pathway.) All I found was an arrow simply pointing right to this building. (Cut back to muddy pathway, the camera comes across an arrow. Cut to montage of more shapes in the dark illuminated by a flashlight, including a scene of Cassie wobbling back and forth as though she is dizzy and a well-stocked medicine cabinet. The music cuts out as the camera cuts back to Cassie's face.) I don't feel so good. (Cassie's eyes roll back, and she faints. Cut to a montage of flashes of Cassie's face as she faints, and more shots of the medicine cabinet.)


Characters Cassie · Aima · The Freaky Girl
Cast Renee G.
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