Liar Liar

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Itscassie Video 0029
Liar Liar

You just don't understand...

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted April 30th, 2007
Description Aima made me this video. She is a bad actress, and I refuse to believe her. I could use a second oppinion though...
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Liar Liar is the twenty-ninth video in the itscassie video series. Aima assures Cassie that her diary meant nothing.


(Close up of Aima's face. She appears to be standing in front of a sweatshirt of some sort, which is hanging on the wall behind her.)

Aima: Cassie, let me see your wrist. Just let me look at your wrist for one second. Just let me look at it. I have to make sure it's okay. Just let me look.

(Close up shot of Cassie's wrist with a minor scar on it.)

Aima: Well, you seem to be okay.

(Cuts to a slightly opened door with Aima poking her head through.)

Aima: Cassie. Cassie. Come back. (She looks at the camera) Ugh!

(Cuts to Aima's face. She is sitting in front of a mirror, in which a bed is reflected)

Aima: Cassie, I'm sorry. I don't know what you read that made you so upset. Because I don't write things like that in my diary. In fact, that wasn't mine. It wasn't mine! I know it's hard for you to believe me. And I know you're really mad. I mean, you haven't spoken to me, at all. And you threw this back at me (She holds up the medical ID that Cassie found in Unsolved Mysteries) And I know you're thinking that was my medical journal or something like that, but it wasn't. I don't know any of those medical names or anything. I'm just a nurse who knows nothing. You know I'm stupid. I don't... I don't know. I think someone framed me. I think someone came in here and took my diary and replaced it with that one to turn you against me. You have to forgive me, that's not mine. There is no conspiracy against you. No one's planning to kill you. No one's giving you weird medicine. We're not like that. This is a special section of the Order. We do all kinds of medical things, but none of it involves you. You're just here for protection. It's for your own protection. So... maybe I've hid a lot of things from you, but I had to! You don't understand. I had to. And, just because you find this diary with all these weird things that you don't understand doesn't mean you should just walk around ignoring me. I'll admit, I was the one who sewed you up when you had surgery on your wrist. And they did put a security device in you. But it's only because the alarm obviously wasn't strong enough, seeing you could easily have walked out there. It was a delayed timer and it was all wrong and it was all my fault. I admit, I was trying to get you to escape. I wanted you to try and escape and I wanted you to go and find Bree because that's what everyone else wanted. That's... we.... especially after the device was implanted, we wanted you to escape. We wanted you to leave and go and find Bree and Daniel... and that other guy. But you didn't. You stayed here. And it was all my fault again. You were so mad at me because I can't do anything right. And now, they're trying to get rid of me. I think they purposely put you against me and they switched the diary -- I swear!


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Cast Renee G.
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