Escape Attempt (Part I)

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Itscassie Video 0015
Escape Attempt (Part I)

Ahh! Bright light!

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted January 15th, 2007
Description nothing ever seems to go according to plan.
YouTube Tags itscassie
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Escape Attempt (Part I) is the fifteenth video in the itscassie series. It was posted in response to Hiding In The Bathroom. Cassie tries to escape for good.


(Most of the video is dark, and the specifics of Cassie's actions are hard to make out. The video opens with a tight closeup of Cassie's face, and fades to a short montage of Cassie dangling the keys in front of the camera.)

Cassie: It's time. Most of you said to go through the window. It's right across the hall. I'm gonna go for it. (After a short bit of movement in the dark, we see Cassie in a new location.) Okay, I made it to the window. (Cassie is breathing heavily.) I'm nervous. (slight chuckle)

(Cassie pulls something away from the window to venetian show blinds, which she peeks through. She raises the blinds from the window, and struggles to lift it.)

Cassie: I'm trying to be quiet, but I can't get the window open. (She tries again, panting with effort) I'm a strong girl, and I cannot get this open. (Cassie struggles some more with the window. Cars can be seen parked outside. We see Cassie's hand pull away from the window in slow motion.) All hope isn't lost; I'm headed for the door.

(Cut to Cassie standing in a well-lit room next to a door. The sound of a heart beating is heard. Cassie stands by the door, hesitant to open it. She fumbles with the knob and then opens it a bit. Almost immediately, she closes the door and slumps against it, sliding to the floor.)


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Cast Renee G.
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