Behind The Scenes - Part 4

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Itscassie Video BTS-5
Behind The Scenes - Part 4


Blogger itscassie
Date Posted August 5th, 2007
Description The wig:

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Behind The Scenes - Part 4 is the fifth video in the Behind The Scenes aspect of the itscassie video series.


Text: Questions are answered in the order of which they were asked, things asked twice were combined, video responses were answered first.

Rey: Why'd you lose the wig? Well, I know a lot of you didn't expect the wig to be bright blue.

Text: suprise suprise!

Rey: Which is another reason I used the whole black and white thing. And made it extremely dark. So you couldn't tell that I was wearing a blue wig. It was rather ridiculous.

Text: uhhh.. YEAH!

Rey: But it was the only wig I had. It was real cheap; I got it at Walmart a few years ago. It's pretty torn up. Umm, you know. Yeah. I should go get it!

(Cuts to Aima. Aima shakes her head. Cuts back to Rey)

Rey: (Holds up wig.) It's a real mess. It's got like, holes in it. It's just really cheap. I got it at Halloween like two or three years ago. But um, one of you actually suggested I sell it on Ebay.


Rey: Which, I don't know, I think it'd be kind of weird if you bought this.

Text: no it would be COOL!

Rey: But I think I'm going to put it up there anyways. Just for kicks and giggles.

Text: $_$

Rey: I mean, it will be a way to show your support for Cassie, I guess.

Text: $$$$$$$$$!!!

Rey: Giving her money. (laughs) You know, it's kind of cool. It's got like, weird waves to it. But you know, I really wanted to hide my identity in the begining. I mean, in the begining it was just a big joke. It really was. And, I didn't want to be known. So I wore this. And it was kind of weird. Yeah. How did you post the "Miss Me?" spoof so fast? Uh, I was fast. (laughs)

(Cuts to Cassie, who pushes her hair out of her eyes and holds up a script.)

Text: <practicing lines>

Cassie: Hi Bree. I changed my mind.

(Cuts back to Rey.)

Rey: I, immediately when I saw it, began shooting. It only took me about an hour to shoot it, and I only spent about a half an hour editing it, and it was done. And, it was great. If a train leaves New York traveling at 30 mph...

Text: ^^^ hates math

Rey: ...and... no. Were all these different people in all these videos just Cassie going crazy or really different people? It's funny you ask that. Because there was a point that the story did end quite differently. Where it was all just Cassie going nuts, and in the end, you'd find out it was just some girl in a mental institution thinking her name's Cassie and the Order's after her, and she's really just nuts. But, something about that just seemed too much like an easy way out. Reminding me of that whole... it was just a dream excuse. So, I decided to go a more realistic route, so the characters did actually become different people. And the way they all looked alike was from the secret DNA testing they were doing, which... you can make up your own story there.

(Cuts to Rey, portraying The Freaky Girl. Cuts back to Rey.)

Rey: Who was supposed to have shot the final video? Now I know the final video, it's kind of like.. umm... weird, because I wasn't the camera person in that, where in all the other episodes I was. But that was just because I knew it was the finale, and I wanted it to be different.

Text: ..and my arms not long enough

Rey: The truth is, you're not supposed to know who's filming it, and you're not supposed to care. That's... that's showbiz! You know, it's not real.

Text: its NOT!?

Rey: You don't know who's holding the camera. You know, I wasn't so sure about doing this at first. In fact, one of the main reasons I introduced the other character, Aima, was because I wanted to do shots like this. Where I wasn't the one filming, where someone else was holding it. But, it turns out, just watching the lonelygirl series more, I thought to myself, "Who's holding the camera?" And I realized that they're guilty of the same thing. So by them doing it, that gave me permission to do it.

Text: think...then talk

Rey: That gave me permission to do that as well. So I did that.

(Cuts to Cassie wearing sunglasses.)

Cassie: Let's do that again.

(Cuts back to Rey.)

Rey: What's your MySpace? Well, you know at first, I wasn't going to give away my MySpace, but since I'm not going to flatter myself, thinking a million people are going to add me. So I'll just give it to you anyway, because I don't see a harm in it. So, there it is.

Text: its in the description >>>>>>>

Rey: And I'll have to put it on the side (points.)

Text: >>> over here

Rey: ...Somewhere. Who are you? Good question. I was hoping someone would ask that. Well, my name is Rey.

Text: duh!

Rey: And I'm from a very small town. And I live nowhere near California. Although, I would like to move there one day. That would be neat. I had no previous film making experience, this was my first time. And, you know, I think I was just a natural, for the most part.

(Cuts to The Freaky Girl making scary faces at the camera.)

Text: <practicing being scary>

(Cuts back to Rey.)

Rey: My aspirations in life? Well, I'm a very creative person. Besides doing some film things, which wasn't a major part of my college, but a major part of my college was doing animation and 3d modeling and graphic design. So I deal in all those kinds of things, I'm a designer. And my aspiration would be to do it all. I want to make movies, I wanna do animation. I want to do it all. I want to design magazines, everything. I want to do everything. Just like I did in this series. That's just what I like to do, everything. Where did I get my music from? Was any of it original? Um, I do play a little bit of the piano, but none of it was original. If I could have, I would have. But I don't have anything that can hook up my piano to my computer, so. I got it all from a little site I found randomly, and I'll have to put it on the side again...

Text: this side >>>>>

Rey: It's a place where you can search by feel. You know, if you want a dark sound, or a bouncy, happy feel. It's pretty neat. Any future film-making plans? I have a lot, actually, a ton. You have not seen the last of me, I tell ya. It might not all come soon, because right now, I'm in the early stages of planning, but it's gonna be big. When it happens, it's gonna be big. And you're all gonna know about it, whether you want to or not. It's gonna be big. I'm gonna start doing some different things on YouTube. I want to start my own series, actually. That's completely different from lonelygirl; that won't have me in it, at all. It's gonna be an animated series. And I have some great ideas for that actually. I already started. It's in the first phases of production. And when it's done, it's going to be amazing, and you'll all know about it, I can guarentee that. But, it's gonna be a long time. We're talkin' a year at least. So it's a big thing. But that's something I'm gonna pursue no matter what I have going on in my life. I'm gonna have something on YouTube. I just know it.

Text: The last Behind The Scenes video... coming soon.

(Cuts to Rey holding up the blue wig.)

Rey: Starting bid, $1. Come on, take it! An old, torn, bright blue wig worn by Cassie. It's a piece of history, people!


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