sneaking out

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Itscassie Video 0011
sneaking out

Uh... I think there may be a couple people that need to adjust their meds.

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted December 22nd, 2006
Description The order cant hold me back much longer.
YouTube Tags itscassie
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sneaking out is the eleventh video in the itscassie series. This video, posted in response to Breaking And Entering, is very different in style from any of the previous itscassie videos. Cassie appears to be very depressed.


(The video opens with a still picture of Bree from the video What Makes Us Sad? The rest of the video is largely a montage of stills of Bree using odd video effects with voiceovers of lines from Bree Phone Home and My Helper.)

Bree: (voiceover) Looking back, I'm not even sure what was so funny about it. I've always gotten along better with boys. (Still of Bree appearing to rub her face fades into video of Cassie rubbing her face.) I got into trouble making them with my friend Cassie. ...whispering "I'm watching." (Cassie mouths the words "I'm watching" and they echo several times) The only girl I've ever really been friends with was Cassie.

Cassie: I'm still there. (cut to still of Bree's arm with the bandage on it, then to Bree's face, which is altered to look more and more haggard.)

Bree: (voiceover) I kinda stopped talking to Cassie after that. I haven't seen her since.

(The words "SOMEONE NEEDS HER SHOT" appear on the screen and fade to Cassie's face.)


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