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Itscassie Video 0028
The Diary

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It's time to reveal some secrets.

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted April 23rd, 2007
Description Aima is such a fake! I can't believe she's been keeping weird medical notes about me from the day I was captured!
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The Diary is the twenty-eighth video in the itscassie video series. Aima's diary reveals a lot of medical secrets to Cassie.


Cassie: Aima's finally gone for the day. So look what I got. (Holds up a diary) It's time to reveal some secrets.

The combination is seven letters and a symbol. Assuming it's three entries, that means there are 343 different possibilities. Now, I could sit here all day and try to figure it out. Or I could just rip it open!

(Cassie rips the diary open. She grins triumphantly and begins flipping through the pages. Eerie music starts. There are then scenes of pages from Aima's diary cut between random shots of Cassie reading the diary. Most of the text is blurry. However, the following snipits were distinguishable.)

Text: First Bree Video. Cassie under permanent LOCKDOWN. Effective immediately.

Epogen 1.5 mg

We are The Order. MSTF

EPOGEN. (There are two tables with dosage amounts, one labeled "Cassie", the other labeled "Bree." Cassie's table has a big "x" through it.)

Clonazepam - Bi - Polar

Don't kill Her!!

Lack of blood in brain. (near ~ syncope)

Depression. Letter = found.

Betrayer has been ELIMINATED. Cassie will be properly punished. (There is a doodle of a pair of scissors, referring to when Cassie's wig was cut.)

- keys

- money

- purse

- black

Escape? I think NOT!

Patient has shown signs of near-syncope

Today I moved in with the projects.

She bought it!!

She found the girl from Plan B.

Subject has gone. w/b Clonazepam.


Cassie is on to me.... "Hiding Something?"

Everyone thinks it's time to kill her except ME!

Now I'm not so SURE?!

(Cuts to Cassie looking up at the camera, scared and unsure.)


  • One of the notes in the diary is "THE ORDER: MSTUnit." In Camera 03, Aima says a welcoming to members of the Medical Science Technology Faction.
  • The "girl from Plan B" is presumed to be The Freaky Girl.

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